Doris Ozmun and Tod Ozmun Missed The Boat:

Here’s a photo of Doris Ozmun

Doris ozmun Police Chiefs Wife

Ok admittedly not the typical standard of beauty in the US but since when has that stopped web surfers?

Since the story broke about South west Oklahoma Police Chief Tod Ozmun’s wife Doris Ozmun operating her own porn website the rubbernecker quotient has hit crazy heights. people have searched High and low to find her webiste which she has now removed all her photos from and essentially shut down.

This could have been a windfall for the Ozmun’s, they should have made the URL public from day one and capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame.

Another Doris Ozmun Photo

Doris Ozmun

A recent AOL news poll had a whopping 75% of the respondents think that Police Chief Tod Ozmun should NOT have resigned.

The interest in this bit of news is indicative of how ubiquitous porn is ad the sad thing is that these two could have helped in the fight for free speech, they clearly have community support and he has reportedly done a great job as police chief.

Speaking of free speech where is the Free Speech Coalition on this one? It’s high profile mom and pop and the public is 75% behind the Ozmuns It wouldn’t take much brain power to recognize that this is an opportunity that would cost them little if anything to get behind and the returns could be enormous.

Oh wait it would take SOME brain power so I guess that rules them out…

Anyway Doris Ozmun, take it from a capitalist…you missed an opportunity to make some serious bank.

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Doris Ozmun and Tod Ozmun Missed The Boat:

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