A Real Dilemma:

As you all know I’m a pretty devout Libertarian and when push comes to shove, I tend to lean to the right. Matter of fact I think Bush has done a pretty good job with this whole terrorism thing. I don’t think the economy is all that bad and all in all I think things are pretty good.

But I have a real problem with John Ashcroft. If Bush gets re-elected Ashcroft can pretty much have his way with the Constitution and that troubles me, deeply. If the election were held today, I’d vote for John Kerry, and that’s a damn sad statement because I don’t think very highly of Mr Kerry as presidential material. I believe in a strong military and I believe in the concept that we , as Americans, have every right to defend ourselves and our interests and we don’t need to ask pussies like the French to give us some sort of blessing to protect ourselves….were it not for us they’d be speaking German in Paris, but I digress.

As a candidate Kerry is looking pretty strong at the moment but I can’t help but have the feeling that he will self destruct. If he doesn’t Bush might have a tough time of it…might….

Mark my words because I am going to go on the record here, theres a good chance Bush is going to pull Osama out of his ass just before the election, but that isn’t all. I will place the chances that he will engineer a sharp drop in gas prices at an absolute certainty. That alone will likely tip the scales into his favor. Right now gas prices are at an all time high and that trickles down and affects the economy and mine and your bank balances. Getting the price of gas back down to around a dollar a gallon would almost certainly guarantee Bush the election.

There are a lot of days between now and election day, I don’t want Ashcroft to be given the chance to run rough shod over the Constitution during a lame duck presidency.

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A Real Dilemma:

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