Really AVN? An Award For Best Piracy Site?


I don’t want to give the impression that I am AVN bashing…I think that Theo is doing a good job over there and I even consider him a friend.  He has been straight with me and personally I like the guy.

But I do have an issue.

One of the AVN Award categories is “Best Free Porn Site” and of course its filled with tube sites that deal primarily in stolen content.

REALLY?  I mean seriously AVN  this is like the Academy Awards nominating Filesonic for an Oscar for “Best Pirated Content Site”

This is completely counter to everything that this industry should be doing.  Rewarding the very people who are the biggest enemy of this industry is just plain idiotic.  I mean whose idea was this?  Mark Kernes? Worthless as he is, not even he is that stupid is he?

Instead of an AVN Award for Best Free Porn Site you would be much better served giving an award for best anti-piracy achievement….I mean I know Adult King doesn’t advertise but do you really want to Award Piracy?

Come on guys…reconsider this and drop the category in favor of something positive for the industry.

Feel free to repost, retweet and further get this out, this needs to be stopped.


70740cookie-checkReally AVN? An Award For Best Piracy Site?

Really AVN? An Award For Best Piracy Site?

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4 Responses

  1. If avn awards plans hand this award out than should hand them self out there owen village idiots award for be big village idiots in porn indusrty. Where gone reward free porn content web sites award for cause slow death porn indusrty . I am sure many female porn stars that attending that event gone be thrill here Avn hand out award free content web site steal there work pay nothing for it. There many stupid female porn stars that well go on blame there fans for watch free porn content well work for very same porn company put movies out for free. Stay tune people next award going biggiest scum bag in porn indusrty for fucking over indusrty becuase they can get reward for buy other scum back in porn indusrty.

  2. This bothers me a lot. There are a lot of great free sites that don’t steal content so why are we rewarding the ones that do? I don’t understand AVN’s decision behind this.

  3. Is it any different then when avn gave the owner at the time of AFF the lifetime achievement award? These arent true awards voted on by peers. I have no doubt being an ad buyer tilts the scales in your favor.

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