Oron To Roll On Its Customers

As part of the latest settlement offer from Oron to Liberty Media they have agreed to the following’

Oron also offered to “permanently ban, by email address, PayPal account, IP address or any other reasonable and robust metric, any user who is the subject of even a single Liberty Media takedown notice.” Any user flagged as infringing Liberty’s copyrights would also have their payments frozen by Oron.

Then, in a wakeup call to anyone who thinks that cyberlockers offer almost bulletproof security, at Liberty Media’s request Oron confirmed that should a settlement deal be reached, the company could offer the following:

Oron will assist Liberty in identification and civil prosecution of any parties who have been using Oron to distribute Liberty’s copyrighted material, including but not be limited to, full disclosure of IP addresses, banking information, emails and any other information that may assist in Liberty in such prosecution.

Finally, and to wrap the whole deal up in a neat bow, Oron accepted Liberty Media’s offer to provide “some public relations help for Oron in order to minimize the chance of other lawsuits being brought against it” by stating, contrary to earlier assertions, that Oron does deserve safe harbor under the DMCA after all.

In essence they are saying we will serve up our users so that you can sue them, and this isnt just IP addresses…this includes BANKING info, names, addresses etc. and in exchange Liberty Media will say that Oron are good guys….fuck THAT!


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Oron To Roll On Its Customers

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8 Responses

  1. No lawyer here but think you need some sort of writ of execution to get something from a bank. Hard as hell to collect on as well, we know.

  2. Good point but oron turning over the info at all kinda reeks, not that Im any fan of oron but this whole settlement offer just kinda shows who is and who isn’t a cheap whore really.

  3. Mike, I sent you an email. Please respond, at least tell me “Not interested” if you do not wish to speak to me.

  4. Not suprise Oron would sell out owen save it self. Just kind of act that you know would happen from them. There well be more out there like them doing this save there owen asses.

  5. @Eric – Agreed. Getting their name, IP and bank info is one thing. COLLECTING $$$ is another.

  6. The war on filesharers appears to be progressing like the War on Drugs, which is to say not at all. Keeps the lawyers employed though.

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