On Jenna Haze Fighting Piracy

While I do have a beef with Jules Jordan, I cut Jenna some slack on this distribution isnt an easy thing to get in the biz these days so its Jules controlling her more than vice-versa.

I would like to caution Jenna to be careful how she goes about “fighting piracy”

Obviously the way Jules does it is an insult to every honest porner on the planet but the way Wicked does it isn’t any better.

Wicked has basically paid into the old mob protection racket….ie pay us and we wont pirate your material.  Shame on Steve Orenstein.

Basically if you put money into the pocket of anyone who promotes piracy you are a part of the problem NOT a part of the solution.

Take that to heart Jenna

46570cookie-checkOn Jenna Haze Fighting Piracy

On Jenna Haze Fighting Piracy

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3 Responses

  1. The only way she can truly “fight the fight” against piracy (or anything that’s not “right” in regards to porn for that matter) is to sever ties with JJV – and she can’t at this stage without losing 90% of what she has (if not more) financially.

    It appears that she hasn’t opened her eyes yet (or at least admitted it to herself) that her image was a huge part of the tube site business model. I kind of have to give JJ major props for having the foresight of her potential when he acquired her when he did. The whole situation is utterly diabolical. I actually personally feel that JJV encouraging her to open her own studio might have been a tactic to drain her of her personal resources in order to make the poor girl even more dependent upon JJV.

    JJ has a total diabolical supervillainesqe monopoly that even filters via Alex DeVoe into the Urban X awards being that he owns DeVoe (hence owning the Urban X Awards which in turn allows him to own ethnic porn). What else is there left for JJ to own?

  2. I don’t think you should cut Jenna any slack. She can distribute her own movies through her website and other outlets.

    All the directors who distribute through JJV have to follow the JJV box style. The directors essentially have no identity except for JJV. Every time they win an award JJV wins.

    It’s ridiculous why this girl continues to support JJV, when JJV is the cause. And if Brazzers buys JJV, will the box covers now change? I mean come on. Is this girl demented or something?

    Jenna and Jules dated a long time and no one has mentioned their break up and on interviews Jenna avoids the subject like the plague, but she continues to support JJV and by supporting JJV she’s supporting Brazzers, and as long as she does that, she is supporting piracy. It’s that simple.

    In fact like three scenes from her latest movie “Legs up Hose Down” is all ready up on the tube sites. Is that just coincidence? So again, as long as she supports JJV, she is supporting piracy. No slack deserved, in fact she’s a slacker for not doing anything about.

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