Jules Jordan A Paranoid. Egomaniac. Douchebag.

Nate from Takedownpiracy.com writes:
“Funny to read Den say that “Jules has been fighting the tube problem for years”.
He hasn’t.
Jules hasn’t actually done ANYTHING to fight the tube problem.  All he’s done is further us down the tubes, literally.
Jules sued Kaytel and AdultBouncer like six years ago, according to all the guys on his nuts here like Den, that means that Jules never has to do another thing ever and he’ll keep getting credit for being current.
What you did six years ago doesn’t get you credit today especially when they are two different forms of piracy altogether.  Jules deserves credit for suing a canadian distributor that was knocking off his product.  That’s it.  He doesn’t deserve anything beyond that.  And it’s damn near criminal and stupid to even suggest that Jules Jordan deserves an ounce of credit for fighting tubes.
When Jules  had the chance to use his “Hall of Famer” (and self-proclaimed ‘legend’) status, he sat quietly by and defended Brazzers at EVERY OPPORTUNITY.  He denied things that even Brazzers wasn’t dumb enough to come out and deny, the only person willing to make themselves look like a lying jackass was Jules.  When confronted with a preponderance of evidence, Jules Denial refuse to acknowledge that Brazzers was behind the largest tubes.  I’m sure he’ll still deny it.
He is PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of telling the truth or being honest in the least bit.
I appreciate what you’re trying to do South, but trust me.  I started called Jules Jordan out about a year before anyone else.  He’ll never change his act because all he cares about is money and buying himself another six cars to brag about on Twitter.  He’s a paranoid egomaniac and anyone who actually gets to know him learns that quickly.  As long as he’s got his buddy Paul Fishbein (whatever happened to the AVNAds program that was sponsoring numerous piracy sites Paul?) to perpetuate the myth that Jules is some sort of good guy he’ll be fine.  There’s always room for another devotional fan thread on ADT for Jules to ignore except for when someone dares say something in the least bit critical.
I’m not going to say that Jules didn’t earn the spot he achieved because he did earn where he got to in this business.  The problem for him is that once he got there, he showed his true colors.  Now he’s earning his reputation:
Paranoid.  Egomaniac.  Douchebag.”
Nate would know too, he really does fight piracy!  It’s good when a few people are willing to be honest in an industry full of kiss asses.
43930cookie-checkJules Jordan A Paranoid. Egomaniac. Douchebag.

Jules Jordan A Paranoid. Egomaniac. Douchebag.

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13 Responses

  1. Well it must be time to pay the bills, Mike South is including me in his headlines again! enjoy the traffic! I am a DVD distributor, to go as far as to say I am responsible for internet piracy is a joke and waaay far reaching. I do not own, operate, control, or condone any tube sites. Say what you want, if I have done something wrong and I am liable, sue me! if tube sites are showing your content sue them! you have every right to sue if you believe someone is infringing on your content….I’ve spent over a million dollars in a landmark piracy case that has set precedent and created a new reference for copyright holders in the US, I think that is pretty significant, and the company was not just infringing on my works, but many companies.

    My content is the most pirated on the internet and I send dmca’s to all the tube sites etc every day, I have never once seen any of Mike Souths content on a tube site, Nate, doesnt even own a company or have ANY copyrights. It always seems that the people who have the most to say dont have any intellectual property being infringed…..glad to be in your holiday thoughts mike! will you take 3 days to post this like my other response?…… written 12/1/2010
    Jules Jordan (the dummy with 5 houses, 6 cars, 1 dog, and a successful kick ass company!)

  2. “Jules Jordan A Paranoid. Egomaniac. Douchebag.”

    Sorry Jules…true..or not…that headline gave me a really good giggle.

    Mr. South…thank you for sharing the information..and the amusing headline.

    I have quite a bit to say about Jules had to say…but I’ll save most of
    it for a private discussion elsewhere.

  3. Jules Denial, allow me to educate you on internet piracy, a subject you are woefully ignorant on.

    First of all, quit fellating yourself into thinking your content is the most pirated. Ego check buddy. You’re not even close. You might move DVDs, but on the internet, you aren’t the King so you can go back to playing with your chess pieces.

    Reality Kings is more pirated. Bang Bros is more pirated. Private is more pirated. Brazzers even is more pirated than you. Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Kink.com, hell Marc Dorcel gets pirated more than you online.

    And if you send DMCAs as you claim…then son…you suck at it. Like…you really, really suck at it. I can say that because all I do all day is deal with piracy. I can tell what studios actually police their content and who doesn’t because I go to these sites every single day. I can tell that Eric @ RYC does a good job for his clients because their content isn’t up on these sites. I can tell that Brazzers makes a decent effort to police their content and the same can be said for Bang and RK. But you? Oh hell no. Because not only is your content on just about every piracy site, but things like Rapidshare links from 2 years ago go untouched, no excuse for that dummy. Full length tube videos on Pornhub with the freaking title of your movie in the name of the video sit there for over a year untouched. None of the torrent sites that are filtering my clients’ content out also filters yours, and they do it the FIRST TIME you send a DMCA notice. So all you’d have had to have done was send one notice to some of these sites and they’d remove your entire library. But they haven’t. Why haven’t they? Aren’t they scared of you and your one million dollar anti-piracy case? No. Because they don’t know who the fuck you are, and don’t care. I send so many DMCA notices to these sites that I know these guys on a first name basis. They tell me who sends them DMCA notices, and guess what bucco…you ain’t on the list.

    I’ve personally taken down over 1,200,000 copyright infringements, and I’d dare to speculate that that is about 1,200,000 more than you. Jules, at some point you’re going to realize that simply SAYING you do something is not equal to actually DOING something. Keep telling people you fight tube piracy, maybe in one of your 5 houses, 6 cars, 1 dog and nifty company you’ll find someone who will believe you, my money’s on the dog. The rest of us…ain’t buyin’ it.

    I just attending a content protection forum and spoke with the gentlemen from Jenner & Block, AKA the law firm that took down Napster, Grokster, etc. None of these lawyers cited “The JULES JORDAN PRECEDENT”, so again egomaniac…stop kidding yourself. The only precedent you’ve set is that content thieves should use you for distribution, you’ll provide them cover regardless of what they do.

    Oh and your “you don’t own copyrights” talk is weak at best. The Free Speech Coalition doesn’t own copyrights, so I guess they don’t know shit either eh? What’s really sad isn’t that people like me that don’t own copyrights are telling you what to do…the sad thing is that people like me that don’t own copyrights have to tell dummies like you what to do to protect them.

    Here’s a free tip courtesy of TakedownPiracy.com and myself:


    I’ll bet you one of those 6 cars that I could pull down 10,000 infringements of yours within a day. That’s how much of a shit job you do.

  4. Wow, Nate. If you can find 10,000 infringements on Jules’ content, he should hire you to take care of business, it looks like he isn’t. As for supporting Brazzers, you sleep with the dogs and you will eventually catch fleas and ticks. He should have the fortitude not to distribute Brazzers content if he cares so much about piracy — no matter how many hundred dollar bills they throw at him. Instead, Jules seems like he needs a flea bath. Oh well, everyone has their price and Brazzers found out how much Jules’ price is.

  5. Only in porn would a guy list his assets when posting on a website…

    Hate to break the news to you Jules, but there’s quite a few of us who’ve done well in life.

    I believe that you do not want your content on tube sites, Jules. However, how do you justify distributing Brazzers when they allegedly own a majority of the tube sites? That’s what we’re talking about here.

  6. mharris…there isn’t enough money to make me even wanna consider helping Jules out. He’s the “legend” afterall.

  7. Many people criticize Jules Jordan for distributing Brazzers but there are many other companies that sponsor tube sites. Their involvement with tube sites is less then distributing Brazzers but they are helping sites that put tubes up without permission. Maybe the companies think that if they allow small clips then full scenes will not be shown. This frequently turns out not to be the case. There is a tube site that when you click the sites link at the top of a page, you see a whole links list of sponsored clips of 3 to 5 minutes each. I’m not going to mention the name of the site since that would be promoting it. There are companies that have full scenes of their movies shown in non-sponsored clips. This is the case with not only Jules Jordan but many other companies. Other companies that have sponsored clips include Evil Angel, Hustler, New Sensations, Private, Vivid, Wicked Pictures, Zero Tolerance, etc.. I wonder how many of companies realize that full scenes of their movies are also being shown. Another thing is that even though the sponsored clips are only 3 to 5 minutes each, there are usually 3 clips of a scene shown so that means 9 to 15 minutes of a scene is shown. There is a sponsored advertisement on the right side of each page but the scene clips do not tell you which movie they are from. Nate is not the only person that has a anti-piracy service. Jules can go elsewhere and pay a service to find links and send out DMCA notices. Since Jules is so wealthy, he is in a better position to afford a anti-piracy service then other companies who are struggling to survive with low profit margins. If Jules actually believes that Brazzers owns tube sites, wouldn’t he be asking Brazzers to take down full scenes from the tube sites? You would think he would have an in with them. There were many politicians that supported Jim Jones before the mass suicides. I’m sure many of them wondered how they could have been so gullible and not
    done more research on Jim Jones.

  8. I wholeheartedly encourage Jules to use an anti-piracy service…just not mine. His ‘in-house’ approach isn’t working no matter what Jules wants to believe.

    My feelings for Jules aside, any studio that is being rampantly pirated can afford one of the many anti-piracy services. And they should almost be obligated to do SOMETHING since apathy in this area only results in tacit approval for the pirates to continue. Pirated material doesn’t expire, it just sits there and gives these sites more and more content to offer.

    Jamie, can you email me at [email protected], I’d love to get a dialogue going with you.

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