Seems I got some nationwide radio exposure today::

“Mr. South,

I was listening to the radio this morning, one of my favorite shows called the Neal Boortz Show, I believe he is nationally syndicated out of Atlanta. At the end of his show I could have sworn I heard him say “our buddy Mike South” when he was talking about some Viagra/porn story that he picked up someplace. Neal is pretty conservative, so I was surprised at what I heard, even more surprised that he would own up to being friends with a pornographer, particularly during a nationwide broadcast. Is he in fact a friend or did I hear it wrong? If so congratulations, that is quite an endorsement.



OK, no jokes about Neal and Bob here! Yes Neal Boortz and I are friends, also Belinda his screener and Royal his board op are friends of mine. It is a bit surprizing that he mentioned me suring the national portion of his show but it is pleasing. neal is a fellow Libertarian and as such, he has no problems with what consenting adults do. I am lucky to call Mr Boortz a friend. His website is almost as funny as he is check it out at and tell him I sent ya! Neal is currently ranked the nations 3rd largest political talk show and is in the running for a Marconi Award. Best of luck to ya Boortzy I’m pulling for ya!

3970cookie-checkSeems I got some nationwide radio exposure today::

Seems I got some nationwide radio exposure today::

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