Oh No, It’s Buffalo Penis:

Oh No, It’s Buffalo Penis:(From www.boortz.com)

Uh oh. here’s the new Buffalo nickel that our U.S.Mint is now distributing. It’s going to cause some problems … problems because they did too good a job on the Buffalo. After counting four legs there still seems to be one appendage left. Just what is that think hanging down from the bottom of the Buffalo? Why, it’s a penis! Kids are going to love this. Questions will be asked and parents will panic. Changes will just have to be made. Our very moral fabric is under attack here. Parents are going to have to explain Buffalo penises to their children. This will scar them for life. Perhaps the morality police can do something before too many of our kids see this.

My Buddy Boortz Writes:

We have a new fad in Florida. Idiots are spending thousands of bucks to have actual train horns mounted on their pickup trucks. They like to drive around the Miami and South Beach area scaring the Depends off senior citizens as they blast them with a 160 decibel wave of noise. Lino Alvarado has those horns on his truck. He demonstrated the horns for a reporter. After the blast he said “Did you see those kids flinch? But old people are even better.” One train horn owner described the reactions of people as he drove by a Miami nightclub and gave them a blast. He relates how people dove to the pavement in fear.

These are assaults, and the victims would be wholly justified in dragging these immature idiots out of their trucks and beating them to within a half inch of their lives.


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Oh No, It’s Buffalo Penis:

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