Type 9 Modeling Shuts The Doors


Type 9 Modeling is done.  I expect to hear from Kevin on this but I have confirmed that they shut the doors.

Word is he has had it with talent getting more desperate for work and doing dumb things, The Hep C and other STIs and bookings drying up because everyone has slowed way down on shooting schedules.


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Type 9 Modeling Shuts The Doors

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  1. Fucjk em all!
    Agents in LA suck anyway and
    Don’t give a fuck about their talent.
    Kevin is getting sued.
    Bottom line. One down and
    11 more to go.
    Maybe hell go back to Derrick?

  2. Awww…what a shame. Yes, talent is doing dumb things…like suing him for doing dumb things himself. Honestly, if you believe that the talent is responsible for the state of things…well here’s your hat. Anyway…bye bye Type9 you will be missed…for about 1 minute and 23 seconds. Next agent please.

  3. Blaming the talent!!!! Truth time…
    Kevin: “Hey John, I can’t get any girls to work with you!”
    John: “Stop telling them I have HIV!!! Simple as that!!!”
    Kevin: “Okay!!!”
    How dare you blame the talent for your corruption!!!! I hope you are sued until you’re homeless!

  4. http://www.xbiz.com/news/167781

    In addition to every single producer who ever had an AIM password, every single agent who ever had a password is also going to be named in this suit. A class action lawsuit with literally tens of thousands of federal and state law violations. It was illegal for AIM to give you the password to begin with, and illegal for you everytime you used it, and the indemnity agreement you signed with AIM to get the passowrd is going to seal your fate.

    Why this huge story is not getting the attention it deserves is pretty mind bogglong. Nothing from AVN yet, and for that matter, nothing from Mike South yet either. All of AIM’s records, ‘intetionally and willfuly destroyed’ and the industry news outlets say virtually nothing.

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