The Next celebrity Sex Tape Is! Myla Sinanaj

Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape
Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

Myla Sinanaj

Word on the street is It will be coming to you soon from Vivid.  This is Kris Humphries ex.  Seems Sinanaj is pals with Farrah Abraham and is the next Celebrity sex tape released by Vivid.

Another Farrah Abraham like sex tape perhaps?  now word yet on who her male counterpart is but the resemblance to Humphries other ex, Kim Kardashian is certainly there.

Myla is repped by Octomom representation team.

I’m sure this will all blow up but remember where ya read it first!

That’s a site you can watch Myla Sinanaj sex tape once released

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The Next celebrity Sex Tape Is! Myla Sinanaj

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8 Responses

  1. Never heard of her before. I think if Vivid makes a sex tape with her it will flop badly. Celeb tapes depend on the person’s notoriety to sell copies. Steve Hirsch should know this by now. This chick doesn’t have any IMO. I hope she was only paid $800 like any other Tom, Dick or Harriet because this is only going to sell 1500 copies at most.

  2. According to Google, Mr. Humphries plays for the Boston Celtics in the NBA basketball league (the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls are better known teams). He is best known for fucking Kim Kardashian, most of us probably already know that she is Bruce Jenner’s step-daughter, hence the reason for her fame, Kim’s daddy is a former OJ Simpson attorney from the murder charge era.

    Speaking of Mr. Humphries, his Google picture shows that he is one ugly dude. I don’t know how he got Kim Kardashian to sleep with him in the first place.

  3. LOL…… Good Find… I totally forgot Demi Dalia old porn name, thanks for that. We just did a radio show on this subject. Are these tapes exciting to people anymore?

  4. Kimmy Kardashian sure likes those black sports players, doesn’t she? Oh well, she married a rich one, she will need his money soon as she does not have any marketable skills and reality TV shows only last so long.

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