Sixto from Talent Testing Talks

I’m on the phone talking to Sixto Pacheco.As I talk to him I can hear the anger in his voice, but even more than anger there is a deep hurt.

Since 2007 Sixto and his company Talent Testing Services have been servicing the adult industry with state of the art detection of infectious diseases.He isn’t an advocate or a critic of the adult industry but he clearly has a deep affection for his customers.

“We identified early on that the adult industry needed follow up treatment mainly in cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.”

He continues.

“The customary way of doing this was for the physician to call in a prescription without performing a proper medical evaluation. We found this to be an unsafe practice due to the lack of this medical evaluation in order to rule out any additional complications.

At this time we determined that by providing our test results and guiding the talent either to his/her primary care physician, or suggesting one from the list of available caregivers was and is the most prudent route.”

In more complicated cases, such as HIV, Syphilis and other “forward time-point” infectious diseases, we provide initial consultation and refer the talent to his/her primary care physician or to a specialist selected from a list of available resources depending on the talents circumstances.”

In addition to this, and as required by law, we work in conjunction with the local health authorities in order to determine that the talent has obtained proper care and treatment as well as initiate partner identification and generational testing. It is very important to understand that the help of local health authorities is required due to the fact that the talent pool is not “exclusive” from the rest of the population.

Cross-over contamination occurs from civilian to talent and from talent to civilian. As such, TTS, nor any other organization, has the legal authority to be conducting proper look-back procedures due to the sensitivity of the medical information involved.

The role of the local health authorities is important and TTS has been unconditionally available in order to perform this task. Furthermore, we understand that a non-affiliated industry organization must be involved in the look-back and generational testing in order to protect the privacy of the affected parties.

This procedure of look-back and generational testing is not new and has been the prudent course of action for blood banks and other related entities.”

Sixto reiterates how imporant it is to comply with Federal, State and Local laws as well as these standard business practices.

The thing that Sixto is angered and hurt by is the accusations that Mister Marcus made to AVN and XBiz where he stated that Talent Testing Sevices was complicit in helping him fake his test. He explained to me that it simply wasn’t possible, the system doesn’t allow for it to happen and even if someone tried and failed he would know immediately and they would be fired on the spot.

“This brings us to Mr. Marcus accusation of inappropriate behavior on the part of our personnel. We want to clarify that there has been no inappropriate behavior on the part of our personnel and we stand by them.

On June 12th 2012, we started to test all talent for RPR (Syphilis) by adding it to our Basic Panel at no additional cost. We consider RPR (Syphilis) to be a “forward time-point” result. This means that once you have a “Reactive” result, it will not revert to a “Non-Reactive” status.

The rationale to add Syphilis to our Basic Panel of testing was to upgrade the level of health and decrease the risk amongst performers. This test was also made part of the basic algorithm that decides if a talent is “Cleared” or “Not Cleared” to work on the web portal.

Due to the nature of our business, our internally developed and validated computer system has levels of security embedded into its code. While developing the different algorithms for “Clearing” a talent to work there has to be a group of tests performed simultaneously. If one of those tests has an abnormal result, access to the talents results are disabled in our system and will provide a “Not Cleared” status until resolved. The system does not allow the separation of a particular test from a panel and will never clear a talent who has an abnormal forward time-point result.”

After looking at the system that Talent testing uses it is clear to me that things did NOT happen the way Mister Marcus claims, they COULDN’T have.

This leaves the question:

Did Mister Marcus manipulate the FSC or did the FSC manipulate Mister Marcus?

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Sixto from Talent Testing Talks

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  1. I would hate to think that the FSC is THAT dumb to believe Mr Marcus’ word, considering they run APHSS and should have some understand of how testing works. If it turns out Mr Marcus did get one over on them, then the FSC should close their testing service down that same day.

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