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NASA’s Cassini spacecraft may have found evidence of
liquid water reservoirs that erupt in Yellowstone-like
geysers on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The rare
occurrence of liquid water so near the surface raises
many new questions about the mysterious moon.
“We realize that this is a radical conclusion – that
we may have evidence for liquid water within a body so
small and so cold,” said Carolyn Porco, Cassini
imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute,
Boulder, Colo. “However, if we are right, we have
significantly broadened the diversity of solar system
environments where we might possibly have conditions
suitable for living organisms.”
High-resolution Cassini images show icy jets and
towering plumes ejecting huge quantities of particles
at high speed. Scientists examined several models to
explain the process. They ruled out the idea the
particles are produced or blown off the moon’s surface
by vapor created when warm water ice converts to a
gas. Instead, scientists have found evidence for a
much more exciting possibility. The jets might be
erupting from near-surface pockets of liquid water
above 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), like
cold versions of the Old Faithful geyser in

“We previously knew of at most three places where
active volcanism exists: Jupiter’s moon Io, Earth, and
possibly Neptune’s moon Triton. Cassini changed all
that, making Enceladus the latest member of this very
exclusive club, and one of the most exciting places in
the solar system,” said John Spencer, Cassini
scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder.

“Other moons in the solar system have liquid-water
oceans covered by kilometers of icy crust,” said
Andrew Ingersoll, imaging team member and atmospheric
scientist at the California Institute of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif. “What’s different here is that
pockets of liquid water may be no more than tens of
meters below the surface.”
“As Cassini approached Saturn, we discovered the
Saturnian system is filled with oxygen atoms. At the
time we had no idea where the oxygen was coming from,”
said Candy Hansen, Cassini scientist at NASA’s Jet
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. “Now we know
Enceladus is spewing out water molecules, which break
down into oxygen and hydrogen.”
Scientists still have many questions. Why is Enceladus
so active? Are other sites on Enceladus active? Might
this activity have been continuous enough over the
moon’s history for life to have had a chance to take
hold in the moon’s interior?
In the spring of 2008, scientists will get another
chance to look at Enceladus when Cassini flies within
350 kilometers (approximately 220 miles), but much
work remains after the spacecraft’s four-year prime
mission is over.
“There’s no question, along with the moon Titan,
Enceladus should be a very high priority for us.
Saturn has given us two exciting worlds to explore,”
said Jonathan Lunine, Cassini interdisciplinary
scientist, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.
Mission scientists report these and other Enceladus
findings in this week’s issue of Science.
The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project
of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology

Big NASA Announcement Today

NASA is planning to make a huge announcement today, about possible life
in our own solar system.

Exact details of what we can expect to hear have not been released. We
do know that evidence has been found that could point to life relatively
close to the earth.

Official word is expected this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Extreme Hires ” Complete Fucking Scumbag”, “Jerkoff”, “Douchebag”, “Piece of Shit”, “Cocksucker” and “Human Garbage” As President. In Other News Extreme still exists.

I caught this tidbit in a press release over on the 800lb Gorilla today.

“Chuck Zane, president of international sales for Extreme said, “We are thrilled to be working with them. Shots Video Netherlands is the top hardcore company in Europe, and this deal will increase our already strong international sales position. They have the best looking talent in all genres, and they provide hardcore content which fits in perfectly with Extreme Associates.”


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story allow me to refresh your memories with a few quotes from Scumbag Rob Black:

“I don’t know where you’ve been Luke, but I hate my uncle [Chuck Zane]. I hate that cock sucker. He’s a piece of shit. That’s what got me more pissed off [about what Luke wrote] than anything. You said that my uncle gave me money to form my company. This motherfucker tried to rip me off.”

Black told Luke Ford in late 1998 that “if Chuck walked in that door, I’d punch him in the mouth. He’s the biggest piece of garbage in the world because he fucks family. That’s the worst.” -from

“My uncle Chuck, who is a douche bag, a complete fucking scumbag cocksucker, is fifteen years younger than my dad and was always the piece of shit. My grandfather would always tell my dad to take care of him. My uncle was selling shoes when my dad had ten porno stores in New York. My grandfather cried like a caring father about his weak and meager son, so my dad gave my uncle two stores. That’s what got Chuck Zane started. As they got older, they decided to do a porn company. They did it and took a big bust for ‘Backside to the Future.’ It was the eighties and around the time of the Traci Lords scandal. After that my dad bailed out. He had gone to jail for tax evasion and the other bull shit they get pornographers for. He was arrested a hundred and fifty times. When he got out, he told my uncle ‘it’s yours. I put a hundred and fifty grand into the company. Just give me that, and it’s yours.’ A few years later, my uncle bankrupted it because he’s a fucking jerk off. He happened to hook up with John Bone and Max Hardcore and for a year Zane was big. My dad went to my uncle to get his money and he said ‘that was from the company that went bankrupt, this is my new company.” –

It’s nice to see the Zicaris all one big happy family again dontchyall think…






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