Get Your Google Entries Removed


As a service to everyone in the business I will use my google webmaster account to get your google results removed.

They must start with

send me the entire URL or the URL from the cached page

It usually takes google 3-5 days to get to it and sometimes I have to submit it a second time but it will get removed.

You don’t owe me anything for doing this, just send me the URLs one line at a time, multiple URLs in an email is fine.

Yes mine are probably still up  I want everyone elses removed FIRST  I havent submitted mine, I dont care about mine.

Lets start putting this all behind us.


53780cookie-checkGet Your Google Entries Removed

Get Your Google Entries Removed

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6 Responses

  1. Mike, you want the URLs from the threads or as individual posts. Heads up: Either way, I’ve got quite a few for you. Thanks, Bro.

  2. Cool, I’ll mostly be sending you threads, with the way they specifically dealt with our friend. Also, check your e-mail about something else. (Sean and Spiegs as well.)

  3. Rumor has it the FSC was *just* about to offer the same thing, they are only waiting on the FBI to clear them to do so. Oh, and it’s only for FSC members.

    But now that you will do it for them, I’m sure they will take the credit after you painstakingly have everyone’s info removed.

  4. This is a wonderful gesture, Mike. I think a lot of people will take you up on it, maybe the females can each send you a strawberry or blueberry home-baked pie in thanks for your services.

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