FSC Hit With IRS Complaint For Acting As A Regulatory Agency

This complaint was sent by Jon Rodgers to the IRS because a non-profit, The FSC is acting as a Regulatory Agency is in violation of its non-profit status.

Great job Jon…kudos to you man, sooner or later we will get Diane Duke OUT of this industry once and for all!

Update Jon was active in the No on B campaign and in Julie Meadows Adult Performers Coalition for Choice (APC4C) both of whom were puppet orgs for the FSC. Sounds like Jon quit drinking the Kool Aid.


85280cookie-checkFSC Hit With IRS Complaint For Acting As A Regulatory Agency

FSC Hit With IRS Complaint For Acting As A Regulatory Agency

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18 Responses

  1. What stands out most to be on this is the part which says, “I am concerned that I might face retaliation or retribution if my identity is disclosed” and then they release his name? That’s kind of fucked up.

  2. So julie “HIV is a manageable disease” meadow’s little organization WAS a front for the FSC!!!!!! Didn’t see that coming! Doh!
    Looks like diane “BLOOD ON HER HANDS” duke better start looking for a new job, along with julie!!!! lol!!!!
    For the record, I am in favor of the TALENT being safe whereas julie meadows, nina “older than dirt” hartley, kylie “I do what I want” ireland, jessica “hazmat suit idiot” drake, and james “never caught an STD” deen are TRAITORS TO PERFORMERS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! They all got paid to make it seem as if performers LIKE catching STD’s and they made idiots of themselves, one and all!!! Hey Nina, I know how old you REALLY are!!!! lol!

  3. Jon Rogers, perhaps you should do your homework, from what I gather CET is not a part of PASS or APHSS they just put results in on the PASS database. I don’t even think CET’s Dr is on there board.

  4. @jw –
    You don’t really have to “gather” anything. The “do they own CET” and “Is the doctor on the board” questions don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The money trail always wins. And, this just gave the IRS the green light for an audit or 2……

  5. Out of curiosity how does one get on this board of directors?…..do performers try to get on board and get turned away?

  6. Porn stars try get on board of directors. The last one try Amber Lynn who gave try but did get enough support get on board of directors becuase some of board of directors ran ant campaign againt her. Stay tune more come from FSC that show them for what they real are what there really not about.

  7. FSC is by and for the producers. They do not even claim to represent the performers. In any other industry in the real world an orgaization that represents the employers being incharge of employee testing would certainly be called a conflict of interest. You cannot represent the best interest of both employers and employees, but his is porn, and the FSC has had no problem getting stooges like Kayden Kross, James Deen, Steven St. Croix, to do their bidding as if the FSC represents their best interests.

  8. Exactly. Right again, Nick!!!
    James “never caught an STD” Deen. LOL
    Nina “older then dirt” Hartley. LOL
    kylie”I do what I want” Ireland. LOL
    Jessica “hazmat suit idiot” Drake. LOL

    You’re right. They are all making idiots of themselves.

  9. @Kate: A person shouldn’t have to risk getting HIV or any other STD just to make a living. And the people who advise performers to not protect themselves from disease need to be checked at the door!!!

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