Clover Is Now Definatively Cleared for Work


Derek Hay

August 13, 2013

Statement of Information:

LATATA Provides Follow Up Statement of Information on Potential Syphilis Case

Adult Industry Testing Protocol Followed with One-Week Layoff Before Re-Tests Implemented on Advice of LATATA.

STUDIO CITY, CA – Exactly one week ago, the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA) released a statement concerning reports of a potential syphilis outbreak in the adult entertainment industry.

Contrary to a report that emerged in the adult press last week announcing the male performer Clover to be cleared for work, Clover did in fact follow the advice provided by doctors at Talent Testing Service to wait one week between his first set of tests there on Monday, August 5 and then performing a second series of tests on Monday, August 12

On August 6, 2013, Clover notified his agent and LATATA of the inconclusive results he received from Talent Testing Services (TTS) from a series of three (3) tests that mirrored the results of a test taken at Cutting Edge Testing (CET) testing facility a few days previously. In accordance with the recommendation of a TTS doctor, LATATA advised Clover to abstain from performing for the additional week and then retest using a full series of Syphilis tests. LATATA similarly advised all performers with first generational contact to Clover to abstain from work during this period.

Following the counsel, Clover retested on Monday, August 12. The results from these tests returned today and show Clover is cleared for work again.

Performers that worked with Clover in the period prior to such tests may be assured they have not been exposed to the risk of contracting Syphilis as a result of such work.

Clover’s agent Kevin O’Neil – LATATA member and Type 9 Models owner – states, “At the first sign of a discrepancy in his test results, Clover phoned me, and we were able to advise him to refrain from performing and retest in one week. I believe this is the perfect example of how the adult industry’s testing protocols work in the best interest of performers when adhered to properly.”

Thank you to LATATA for the support and guidance,” states Clover. “I’m relieved to put all of this to rest and get back to work.”

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Clover Is Now Definatively Cleared for Work

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7 Responses

  1. I have not had one single person indicate that they would not work with clover, I have also had several girls tell me that they added him to their Yes list because they feel safer knowing he handled it the way he did

  2. I hadn’t heard of Clover before this incident but have to commend him as well for being upfront and honest about his inconclusive syphilis test. Whether he had syphilis and took medication (based on the inconclusive diagnosis) before the tests could conclusively determine he had syphilis or if this was a false indication he did the right thing not working until it could be determined that he was clean. Thank you Clover for being an honest person, we need more people like you in this world and in the industry. May you get a free night fucking whatever porn chick you think is cute as a reward, don’t forget the whip, cane and handcuffs. 🙂

  3. That’s good!
    I’m glad his good to go!
    I just hope he doesn’t
    Let them take advantage
    of him. Clover ask for 5 million
    Out of court!


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