Charlie Sheen Plots To Have Brett Rossi Killed

This story is breaking but I have confirmed it.

Apparently Charlie told a girlfriend that he was going to have Brett killed, the girlfriend went to police.  Apparently a less than reliable news outlet has picked up the story but I have more.

The Site radaronline ran with the story as a sensational piece with quotes, supposedly from Sheen, like “I’d rather spend 20-grand to have her head kicked in. Then people will realize, oh, it’s dangerous.”  and “I can’t be fucking extorted,” blasted the man, clearly Sheen, on the recording. “It’s called treason. You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death.”

The evidence was a tape that the girlfriend sold to radaronline.  The parent company of radaronline The National Enquirer also has transcribed the tapes in its latest issue.

the nearly 35-minute tapes proved that not only did Sheen, 50, admit to having unprotected sex with a woman after his HIV-positive diagnosis. But also, even more incredibly, she claimed he told her he was clean before they had sex.

Here’s the part that isn’t on Radaronline…the company is being investigated and may be indicted for withholding the tapes from police, and not notifying police of the murder plan.

Reckon how DR Oz is going to spin this…

More as this develops


Also the Bree olson Story has a BIG new twist…thats coming, along with an expose of ASACP as mentioned earlier this week.


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Charlie Sheen Plots To Have Brett Rossi Killed

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16 Responses

  1. Wow looks like ‘ole Chuckles never got any better. Mental health wise. Oh Sheeny boy. You had it all, you dumbass.

  2. Just say NO to drugs (and stupidity). One thing is for sure… he can’t pick good people to be around him. Everyone works him for a big payday.

  3. why dr oz & dr h don’t don’t do a serious intervention in December is beyond me. He’s out of control.

  4. I can’t speak to the law in CA but here in MI we had a couple of cases recently of women trying to have their husbands killed. Both times the police were called and they conducted a sting operation. Once the women contracted with the undercover officer to have him kill their husbands they were arrested, tried, found guilty/plead out and went to prison. The woman that plead out got 2-15 years, the other woman (and her sister who was also involved) went to trial and they each got a 20 year minimum sentence. Could Chucky Sheen go to prison for essentially the same thing? It depends on CA law but my hunch is he could be going to prison for a long time. Brett Rossi should be very thankful Chucky’s plot was foiled.

  5. How does an ex leaking or selling an audio taped conversation to the media compare with some LE agency getting wind of the plot and putting a sting in place to let the threat play out to payment?

    A threat isn’t the same as a plot. I think she’s smart to get a TRO especially in light of Christmas 2009. What I read is He’d pay 20k not that he was paying 20k or making a serious offer. Sounded like an angry rant he will seriously regret.n

    I think this will mess with his ongoing child custody woes and we will know more when Rossi gets him or his legal team response to the temporary restraining order this week. I bet three wooden nickels his lawyers convince him it’s in his best interest to check into a posh private rehab if they haven’t already done so.

  6. @Ivy has it right. Charlie has just gone off the deep end. No other way too put it.

    But folks, lets be realistic. Brett Rossi has hundreds of thousands of fans and followers. You think Sheen would risk his freedom to kill her? Think about it, if she was some no-name hooker with no social media accounts, then maybe I could see him following through. But to me these are just empty threats of a lover scorned.

    Rossi is trying to make a comeback in porn. It’ll be interesting to see if the HIV-stigma surrounding her affects her pay-rate, etc. Shes a really pretty girl, but I don’t think her mental health is much better than Sheen’s if you ask me.

    I would put Rossi and Olson in pretty much the exact same category.

  7. My interpretation of Mike’s post was that Chuckie was actually looking for someone to kill Brett. If he was just running off at the mouth (I wouldn’t bet on it) than my comparing it to the women trying to have their husbands killed was a bit of a stretch. I guess I take remarks like this one seriously, I would rather overreact than to brush Chuckie’s rant off and have an innocent woman murdered — especially considering if I recall there is an HIV exposure lawsuit pending against Chuckie filed by Brett, if he were to have her killed and get away with it that lawsuit would likely go away.

  8. If she were to get HIV from Charlie it would have already showed up on her VD testing. If my recollection is correct she has filmed several scenes over the past few months with at least two VD tests taken over that time (maybe more depending on how her scenes were spaced out).

  9. Still doesn’t compare …enough for a restraining order and won’t help him in any of his pending legal matters…if the threats were pursued as a criminal matter the audio tape alone doesn’t have the same impact the kind of evidence LE gathers in the types of cases this was likened to.

  10. @Karmafan Yes she did and it was glorious.

    @mharris127 There are medications one could easily take to lower their viral counts enough to pass one of those tests. I’m not saying Rossi has anything, but if she had sex with someone who had HIV for over a year, unprotected….well you can put 2 and 2 together.

  11. That is possible, mdxxx but not on many multiple VD tests. The chance that a person’s HIV level would remain steady below detectable levels over very many two-week testing cycles is not high. If you are correct it will come out within the next couple of months if that is what Brett is up to. However, I have said before that both the Aptima and an ELISA test should be required, research shows that it would be just about impossible to hide HIV infection for even one testing cycle using this two-pronged approach. It is also worth noting that the wholesale price of an ELISA blood test is about $5 so it would not even raise the cost of 14-day testing appreciably.

  12. @mharris & mdxxx

    If someone is adhering to an appropriate HIV meds regime they absolutely can remain consistently undetectable…that is the goal of treatment. Docs expect a drastic reduction in the Viral Load (VL) within the first month of treatment and often see the ultimate goal of less than 100 copies aka undectable at one month…if the patient used meds correctly and the viral load is not suppressed <500 VL over six months docs consider using different ART (HIV meds) combos.

    Studies have been done on seroduscordant couple where a low VL was maintained and no transmission occurred over a number of years. In several metropolitan US cities patients with HIV are given gift cards for maintaining a viral load under 500 as part of the public health initiatives to reduce transmission.

    The industry is dead set against the ELISA test as a primary or secondary test. They also do not educate performers about antigen testing and its purpose. You can bet if or when the financial burden for testing shifts from performers to stakeholders it won't be at two week intervals and alternatives to APTIMA will get a lot of consideration to create a cheaper industry testing panel standard.

    ELISA as a supplement to APTMA is great for stakeholders who don't want to work with well managed chronically infected performers and performers willing to verify they aren't chronically infected …still doesn't do jack shit to prevent the situation laid out in the CDC on-set transmission report.

    There is no upside for well-managed chronically infected if their name gets splashed & trashed in the media with speculation about their motives in keeping quiet after an extended vacation to get their meds right and achieve the ultimate undectable level…no one talks about how the longstanding industry stakeholder HIV standard is at odds with industry worker expectations because they aren't informed by the industry and don't understand 'undetectable' isn't uninflected. The industry perpetuates HIV myths and discriminatory hysteria against people with HIV.

  13. I talk to Brett all the time she does not have HIV, she was exposed but that was 2 years ago, she is way outside the window of infection. That one I can say for sure. I was as surprised as anyone when she told me she was thinking of returning to porn and if she had been positive I would have known, we remain pretty close friends

  14. Some LE agency trying to get copy of the audio tape ….radar online not happy about it per local (Ohio) news source

  15. From the newswire today (sorry its kinda long):

    Charlie Sheen has been named a suspect in a criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly making threats against an unnamed victim.

    A rep for the 50-year-old Two and a Half Men and Anger Management alum had no immediate comment. A police spokesperson told E! News Wednesday officers had on March 31 “completed an investigative report where Charlie Sheen was listed as a suspect in the investigation.”

    The LAPD threat management unit is the group leading the probe, which is ongoing, and the victim’s information is confidential. A search warrant has been obtained for this case, the spokesperson said. A police source confirmed to E! News this is a criminal investigation.

    The investigation was triggered by Sheen’s ex-fiancée, Scottine Ross, aka adult film actress Brett Rossi, 26, NBC News reported, citing Los Angeles police and her lawyer, John Taylor. Rossi’s lawyer confirms to E! News that an emergency protective order against Sheen was filed last week, following a news report claiming that a recording of Sheen allegedly threatening her life exists. The actor’s lawyer called the move a publicity stunt.

    “She takes this very seriously. We take this very seriously. He has physically abused her in the past. She is getting all the legal protection that she can from him at this time”, Taylor tells E! News.

    She and Sheen were engaged for almost a year before they broke up in late 2014, weeks before their wedding .

    This past December, Rossi filed a civil lawsuit against Sheen, accusing him of assault and battery and of failing to tell her he was HIV-positive . Sheen had revealed his HIV-positive diagnosis a month earlier. His lawyer called Rossi’s claims a “complete fabrication” and said she knew he had contracted the virus and continued to have sex with him willingly. The lawsuit is still pending.

    “We filed a lawsuit on her behalf. They’ve successfully moved this into private arbitration in an attempt to prevent any sort of public scrutiny or judgment by a jury,” Taylor adds, insisting that he and his team opposed the decision. “We believe that the public should be able to see what is going on in the court system.”

    An LAPD source told The New York Daily News Wednesday the new investigation centers on abuse Rossi allegations made during a police interview last week and an alleged 35-minute audio tape reported by Radar Online and The National Enquirer, both of which are owned by American Media. On Tuesday, police officers served senior editors in the firm’s New York office with what Radar Online called a “lengthy search warrant involving Radar articles about an explosive audio tape of Sheen confessing that he lied to a sex partner about” his HIV-positive status.

    The search warrant, obtained by E! News, states Rossi is the “victim” in the case and calls to search for audio recordings and transcripts pertaining to three The National Enquirer and Radar Online articles posted last week—one about an alleged physical threat Sheen made against Rossi and two about how the actor allegedly “hid” and “lied about” his HIV-positive status.

    The document also says that there is probable cause to believe that the property targeted in the search “tends to show that a felony has been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony.”

    The document names some of the allegations Rossi made against Sheen in her civil lawsuit, which his lawyer had denied. The warrant stated she said she “endured domestic violence, physical assaults and death threats” while living with the actor and that “on several occasions, Sheen had brandished firearms at her and threatened her life.”

    “Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Brett Rossi aka Scottine Ross,” the actor’s lawyer had said in response to the civil lawsuit, after it was filed. “Numerous witnesses will dispute each and every claim made by Ms. Rossi. We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and also will recover significant damages against her in connection with a pending arbitration that was commenced months ago.”

    Sheen’s lawyer also said in his response Rossi was seeking “revenge” against the actor for “breaking off the engagement and cutting her off financially.” The attorney said Rossi “attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen’s medical condition” although she had signed a nondisclosure agreement and a confidential settlement agreement.

    Ross had told police recently she is in constant fear that Sheen will harm her in retaliation for the filing, the search warrant states.

    “[Rossi] stated that she did not report the violence and abuse at the time that the incidents occurred as she feared for safety and was under Sheen’s control” and that she continues to endure “ongoing harassment” and “threats” from Sheen, it says.

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