And The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is

Sunny now

Former WWE star Sunny.  She was apparently very popular in the mid 1990s.   and has decided to appear in “Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.”  for Vivid Entertainment.

What is interesting is what her motive may be, seems she has had soe run ins with the law

Tamara Sytch, who worked for the WWE as “Sunny,” was arrested three times in three days in Branford, Conn. on domestic violence-related charges in 2012. (Sounds like she’d fit right in with porn)

‘Sunny’ was pulled over for driving wildly in a Walmart parking lot in May and charged with a DUI, driving with a suspended license and careless driving. “Sunny,” was arrested Wednesday in Pennsylvania for skipping three hearings stemming from a May arrest.

No word at this time on when the sex video was filmed.

Some people are tellingme that this is old news, that its been on the tubes forever, I got the google alert today and it was from today, maybe Vivid is now releasing sometyhing that has been on tubesites for a while or something, who knows I dont keep up with rasselin or pseudo celebrity sex tapes

The former Diva’s real name is Tammy Sytch and she told American website TMZ that Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch had originally offered her £76,000 to star in the adult film but she turned it down before later accepting a “much much higher” offer. –



138090cookie-checkAnd The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is

And The Next Celebrity Sex Tape Is

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6 Responses

  1. She had a porn come out with Vivid months ago….. is this old news or am I missing something..

    By the way, it was about the saddest you ever have seen. She was so empty of any passion, energy, or humanity.. it was just awful and so so so sad.

  2. And she was way out of shape. It was about the saddest porn I have ever seen. She looked like an old worn out hooker with 12 kids.

  3. agreed on all counts. It was on Vivid months ago, and yes, it was a bit like watching my forty something aunt have sex. Not pretty.

  4. I would rather see your aunt. This isn’t even about her physical appearance as there is nothing bad about someone gaining weight when they age, or getting wrinkles and all that. What is the issue here, is there is a very (almost scary) empty feeling to her. I have never seen a woman have sex with such emptiness, not even the worse drugged out porn girl in some horrifying porn that I never want to see again. I watched it for kicks (because I was a wrestling fan 20 years ago), and I left it feeling disturbed. I felt really bad for her, really bad. It is hard to explain unless you actually take the time to see it; again, it has nothing to do with her appearance. There are plenty of women doing porn that are 40ish with belly fat and wrinkles and all they put on awesome fun, so I want to re emphasize this is not about her looks. It just left me with a feeling of sadness about what is happening to her on the inside (and it isn’t porn’s fault to all the warriors out there; she is clearly having problems before this was done).

    Although, I do get a laugh that our dear Mr. South posted this like it was new when it was released in February 🙂 When I saw the headline I thought “shit, they paid her for another one!”. She made 100,000 US for it; she had posted that publicly back then. It got scathing reviews and I would think Vivid took a beating on it financially and the piracy sites had a field day.

  5. Sunny looked pretty good at her HOF induction (in 2014, I think); tanned and fit. Shame she couldn’t look like that in her movie.

    Shocked that WWE paid for yet another rehab stint for her after her movie dropped. Hopefully this one will stick but I have my doubts.

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