You saw him in Rawhide, High Noon, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Hoosiers:

But you most likely knew him as the man who sang “Purple People Eater” Sheb Wooley died today at 82.

In The “Who Woulda Ever Thunk it” Dept:

FRESH SPARKS flew last month when a study of more than 16,000 people from every inhabited continent found that men everywhere — whether single, married or gay — want more sexual partners than women do.

Reckon how much they spent to figure that out….I coulda told em exactly what they learned for a 125.00 per hour consultation fee. But I guess that having come from some scientist whose last effort was spending 10 million dollars to prove that fish can’t breathe air I guess this information is somehow enobled.

It’s quite simple really, you see it goes all the way back to the begining of our existence here, women are more selective of partners because for them procreation required a lot of commitment, men on the other hand needed as many partners as possible to spread his genes and insure the survival of his lineage and bottom line is that it didn’t require a nine month commitment and a risk to his life just to procreate. It’s just nature at work people, deal with it.

And From My Long Time Friend:

I also want to congratulate you on your Website but more than that on you standing TALL for all of us in the Adult Industry. You have always been a Great help to me. See you at the Adult Expo in Vegas.
George Martin
GM Video

George Martin and I go way back as friends The Tampa Show just wasn’t the same without him.

And From Porn’s Own Mr Rogers:

Mr South
September 15th
10:21 AM


Honored to know YOU!

Robert Lombard

Back atcha Mr. Lombard, you are probably the nicest guy in porn we need more like you, LOTS more. And you hve the best shirts of any porn company, bar none. I wear it all the time.


From Dick at BNI:

Dear Mike,
I see you won an award in Tampa – but how can I, or any other serious person, take such an award seriously, when Nick Manning also won an award? Anyone would would give Nick best performer would give John Ashcroft the Freedom Isn’t Free Award!
By the way, I’ll be reviewing your latest DVD for Adam Film World!

Just damn Dick, you gotta go raining on my parade…..sadly I secretly thought the same thing, but maybe it’s just us, maybe Nick is really the best actor of our time…..NOT!

Curious Sends the all time definative photo of Johnny Cash:

“American Recordings and Johnny Cash would like to acknowledge the Nashville music establishment and country radio for your support.”

I rmember this moment he was flipping off and giving a big FUCK YOU to the Country Music Association…Hell YA! I love a guy that don’t take shit from anyone.

9610cookie-checkYou saw him in Rawhide, High Noon, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Hoosiers:

You saw him in Rawhide, High Noon, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Hoosiers:

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