Where In The World Am I

Wherever it is I can assure you im not wearing a red and white striped shirt LOL.

Many of you guys know and trust me when I return I have quite a story, and Im only just over a week into my one month quest.

Not much happening in porn valley now that the Brian Pumper thing has all but blown over. The sad part of that story is that the very company that one would think would exercize zero tolerance for that sort of thing actually appeared to be fully ready to cover it up.  Shame on Evil Angel fornot being completely forthright from day one.  Performers who might choose to work with Pumper have every right to know if he is being dishonest in his testing protocols.

Idiots of the month award goes to Star Factory and Adam and Eve. Star factory for not once but twice leaving one of their top clients and contract girl out of the appearance schedule for an upcoming show, to Adam and Eve for continuing to employ them despite the fact that the omitted girl is their top contract girl.  This kind of stupidity will ultimately cost them both.

So a few of you want some clues as to where I am…OK

1. Coca Cola tastes a lot better here.

2. There are three news channels at the hotel here, they are Fox, BBC, and Aljazeera.  Of the three Aljazeera is hands down the best news channel. Though there is speculation that what is reported on the english version of Aljazeera is very different than what is reported on the arabic version.

Ok thats all ya get for now anyhow….

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Where In The World Am I

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10 Responses

  1. YEAH !!! What she said! If we’re gonna play, you gotta play by the rules. Besides, that hat kinda makes me moist!

  2. Ok, I know he’d NEVER do it, but wouldn’t it be a hoot if he took a picture of himself in a red and white striped shirt so we could guess where he is by the scenery around him? LOL!

  3. ok for one DB knew my itenerary

    so for him to join in is rather disingenuous

    goddess is zeroing in

    but Thailand is a big country and very soon I will be going elsewhere

    I will wear a red and white striped shirt for a day….lets see where it goes from there….Lady H….have at it LOL

    BTW geo-challenged goddess Bangkok IS in Thailand and I am not in Bangkok

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