What I Miss Most About Thailand

I have been back home a month now, and it’s still a topic of conversation with my friends, they love hearing about this place half way around the world and they always ask me what is it I miss the most.

I could say it was the friends I now have there but I’d be lying.  I mean I do miss them but no that ain’t it.

Or the beautiful girls there who find falang to be attractive, the compliments they would give me, the sweet disposition they have, the femininity that is so lacking in American females these days. Alas that isnt it either.

The warm weather? The beautiful beaches, the beautiful country? No. No and No.

What I miss the most is the massages.

I’m not talking the tawdry “happy ending” massages, I’m talking the real deal.  Atleast every other day I would go to Harmony Massage for at least a one hour massage. Two of the massueses there are sisters, one 16 the other 20 and they did things to my body that left me in pure….well, harmony.

neither weighed more than a hundred pounds and both were adoreably cute.  They are from Laos and speak very little english but they sure know their job.

The first time after an hour you leave and you just feel better all over, life seems better, blissfull even. But after a few regular massages it really kicks in, you don’t just feel it when you leave, you feel it all day, you feel it the next morning when you wake up and you feel it when you go back to bed.  For the first time since my spinal surgery I went days with no pain in my back, I walked better, I got around better, I felt better.

A one hour massage with a good tip cost me less than ten dollars.

That’s what I miss most.

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What I Miss Most About Thailand

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  1. “massueses there are sisters, one 16 the other 20 and they did things to my body that left me in pure….well, harmony.”

    You perv. 🙂

    Honestly, you should start a Thailand travel site cuz after all your stories and pics, I wanna go bad. You have me sold.

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