What I Have Been Up To

Im getting  a few emails…Okay more than a few asking what I am doing and all that so I figured I would catch you guys up…First I am enjoying retirement but I have to admit it does get a little boring and living on a fixed income takes some getting used to.  All in all I am happy and enjoying life but I still keep up with the industry and theres an awful lot lately that has gotten my attention, it pulls me to write about it so I think Im gonna start writing a bit more often, Y’all know me it’ll be original, Im noy big on cutting and pasting and I damn sure dont do press releases LOL but I do have to give credit to the new owners…there is diversity here that I was never able to get and thats a good thing…Its always been OK to disagree with me  and sometimes Im even wrong but getting back on topic quite a bit has happened in my life, the biggest being I adopted a daughter.  I’ve known her almost all her life (she is 16 now)  and when her mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis she asked me if I would be her father and of course I said yes, she is a good kid and she fills a void in my .life for sure…I love kids but never had any…The next biggest thing was I got a dog.  Since I don’t travel anymore and have the time to spend I figured it made sense, I had dogs as a kid and have always loved them.

I went to the pound because to me that just seems the right thing to do, It was sad to see all the pit bulls that were there because they were abandoned because they werent mean enough to fight, I cant believe people do that but they do, the county I live in has hundreds at any given time, most will never get homes.  I got a little mutt…mostly Terrier, she weighs 22 lbs is one year old and she has really changed my life, she has the best disposition of any dog I have ever owned, she is obedient and eager to play and learn.  It’s amazing how fast they grow on you, I can’t imagine not having her around now and its only been 6 months.  My newly adopted daughter named her Lola the name fits and Lola loves going to the beach with me.

Anway that catches you all up and clears the way for me to start writing about the things Im seeing in the biz….stay tuned and drop me a line at mikesouthxxx at gmail dot com and tell me what you would like to hear about, or what question you would like answered or if you have a good story I wanna hear it.  I intend to stay away from things like guys pretending to be agents and what not because the site is doing a good job on that front now, I want to  go with more op/ed type stuff. Stay tuned!

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What I Have Been Up To

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  1. I am glad you are doing well. Good luck with retirement. I do see that you have some of your videos on a couple of Clips 4 Sale type sited, hope that is giving you at least a little extra cash each month. You already own the content, if you can find a way to monetize it and not lose control or ownership over it I say go for it. Porn is still the entertaining and perplexing industry it was before you retired, scumbags are still out there — only instead of one person making them look like asses there are at least three. I almost wish there were the death penalty for scumbag agents and asinine producers. Since you retired the industry have had one incidence where a director/actor raped a girl, one girl harassed to the point of suicide, at least three scumbag fake agents and just as scummy directors, one porn chickie skank that falsely accused a director, cameraman and talent of rape and racial harassment with the help of her equally skanky “wife” and a chick that would be reasonably attractive if she didn’t shave her fucking head and the list probably goes on. The skanks involved are persona non grata on porn sets but the bald chick without tattoos hasn’t paid any price for her participation in that attempted frame-up job. We also found out the unofficial porn “ambassador” Ron Jeremy had been sexually assaulting and raping women for years virtually unchecked.

  2. Great to see the update on your life and am delighted things are going so well with your new daughter.

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