What I Did Thursday

My life really doesn’t suck.

I’m not fabulously wealthy, but then I don’t aspire to be.  All I really want to be is just plain old happy and content. Do I look happy and content here?

Mike South, Lindsey Lovehands and Karina

If I do it’s because I am.  I shot all day with these two lovlies, it keeps me young. People ask me every day how it is I do it.  They point out I’m not rich, Im not particularly “hot” I hear it all the time….”why does Kayden Kross even TALK to you?” Why do girls like Lindsey or Karina evengive you their phone number, much less sex.

Some of you are saying duh…it’s because he pays them….well I don’t,  I do pay them to have sex with others…they do me by choice. But in all fairnes to those asking the questions I dont understand it either.

Kayden says it’s because “you’ve got game”

I think it’s just because I’m happy, be happy this weekend.

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What I Did Thursday

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2 Responses

  1. the bragging IS getting a little excessive. i mean c’mon isn’t f*cking your business anyway? am i supposed to be impressed that you got the easy part of the job down? it’s not rocket science. sh*t the only convincing my ex-girlfriend needed to try anal was when I simultaneously massaged her a**hole while f*cking her p*ssy. she whispered afterwards “that was interesting” lol. the next night she was game. of all the sh*t to keep in your memory bank the image of your c*ck in a hot chick’s a**hole for the first time is unf*ckingforgettable.

    we all know you’re f*cking girls in the biz so why not just give us details instead. your post will seem more relevant that way I think.

  2. LOL you maybe missed the point…it wasnt so much bragging as incredulity. Hey If I can do it so can anyone else.

    Like my dear old daddy used to say “Kind words and a stiff dick will get you a lot further than kind words alone”

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