What Condition My Condition Is In

I am recovering….slowly.  Since fathers day up until day before yesterday it seems my life was in black and white, things are fuzzy, I have only scattered memories and many of the memories I have don’t seem real.  Day before yesterday when I woke up it felt like my life was back in color, so to speak.

I had an appointment to see the surgeon that did my collarbone surgery and was told I was doing well and to keep it up…I was also told to expect 12 more weeks on pain meds, he aid by then the ribs should be healing well enough I should be 90% pain free and recovered but I still have 2 weeks before the pain starts to subside.


The stitches on my left shoulder are from the collarbone surgery which actually doesnt hurt save for the times when i move the arm too much or too far.

All in all I am happy because you all know it could be WAY WAY worse.  I am hoping to return to my house on Sunday and start being self sufficient.

I want to thank everyone for all your kind words, wishes, phone calls,  emails and all….I am pleased that you have let me into your lives and I appreciate your being readers .

Hope you all have a great weekend and a happy, fun and safe Independence Day

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What Condition My Condition Is In

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  1. I am glad it wasn’t way worse. However, what happened to you I would not wish on my worst enemy, multiple broken ribs and a broken collarbone sound like one hell of a lot of pain (or one hell of a high dose of morphine — which would probably put a non-tolerant person to sleep for 21 hours a day). Heal soon and find a cute woman to wait on you hand and foot in the meantime.

  2. You’ll be back to making movies in no time! Wait. Do you still make movies? OMG, I’ve totally lost track of your life when I got one of my own…. *hangs head in shame*

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