What A Long Strange Trip it’s Been

Yes I am still in the hospital in Dayton.  It’s a rather nasty fracture that is going to require surgery to correct.

Thing is i told this same drunken stripper at least a dozen times to NEVER EVER jump on me, so she gets drunk and is stupid and this time she breaks my leg.  It’s massively painful, it’;s annoying and it’s very expensive and no I don’t have insurance.  Now do you suppose this stripper has called to apologize?  Sent flowers? A Card?  Of course not.

Had my stupidity caused me to do something that painful to someone the very first thing I would do is quit drinking, then I would do my absolute best to make sure the person I hurt was as comfortable as possible, I would see that as a moral obligation.

Is this a problem with people now days as a whole?  Is this what we have become? Seems nobody is responsible for his/her own actions anymore.

If you think this doesn’t apply to porn look around, it’s one of the main reasons we are in the toilet right now and will likely stay there.

This is one of those times I am having a hard time putting my feelings into words.  I don’t want to sound like I am having a pity party but at the same time I have had exactly two visitors, Tim and one of my bartenders who went way above and beyond, she is a good friend and I love her for it.  It’s easy to be friends when its convenient I reckon.

I’m getting myself off the pain meds even though I’m still waiting on surgery maybe that’s why my thoughts won’t coalesce

55400cookie-checkWhat A Long Strange Trip it’s Been

What A Long Strange Trip it’s Been

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  1. Hmm, she’s a ‘drunken stripper’….I think you need to start with the obvious here and take nothing for granted…..does the chick even know she injured you or will she, in a few days from now, turn to someone at the club and say, “where’s Mike?”

  2. I wouldn’t go off those pain meds just yet. The meds may be keeping you from going into shock (where the body shuts down from the injury). As for no insurance, the club is technically responsible and their workman’s comp should pay your expenses, if they owners didn’t have workman’s comp they could be in big trouble. As this injury could cost you $100K plus I would look into it (actually would have already if in your situation). Heck, if that happened in my home the person would be covered under my homeowner’s policy (which is much more limited than workman’s comp is), I think up to $50K on med pay and probably more under my umbrella policy. If comp won’t pay, look into the club’s liability policy for coverage as well.

    I hope you heal quickly and that the surgery is uneventful. I also hope the stripper that caused this is fired from the club, she is just another accident waiting to happen!

  3. Didn’t know you had bought a share in the club. I guess what I said doesn’t apply here. I honestly thought you were still working for your friend at the club. I hope the new business venture goes well for you once your leg heals and hope whoever is running the club in the interim knows what he is doing.

  4. Sorry, Mikey. Hope you heal fast. Who’da thought something like that would be an occupational job hazard for running a strip club? I guess the chick who jumped on you loves you. You know, cuz love means never having to say you’re sorry. Get well soon!!!

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