What A Difference A Day Makes


I was going to write about my time at NASA and my reflections on the end of an era today but thats gonna have to wait.

We left at daylight this morning to go diving but thunderstorms held us in port till after 1PM, but when we did get out the scallops were everywhere…as you can see here…thats  6 gallons of them that I picked up diving.


Now that’s a good day of scalloping to have only been down less than an hour.

So I get back in and go to dinner, yes I had fresh scallops and get back about 11PM and check my email and the net…WOW!

Pornwikileaks has been redirecting to wikileaks.org since early this morning, so either Donny threw in the towel or wikileaks.org won control of the domain, it’s too early to tell just yet but hopefully the good guys won one and that thing is gone forever.

I will keep you posted here on all the latest.

Meantime Tara Akinlose has been leaving really nasty messages and posting some bitter shit here.  A few people were even concerned for me…Don’t be.  I am well known in Atlanta I do radio shows and TV I have been on the cover of the papers, They know me well here.  I have even helped the police on some child abuse cases so there’s nothing to worry about. It is not illegal to shoot here, there is no law against filming pornography or the sex act in GA.

My whole family, my neighbors my friends, everyone knows what I do, I never hid it, and I am respected and well liked, everyone knows I run a very clean operation.

Ms Akinlose on the other hand is looking at serious trouble, I sent all her messages and threats here to my attorney who said we can make her come here and answer with a civil case and she will lose, you can take everything she has probably.  I have well placed friends here who will certainly testify on my behalf, some of them police and local politicians.

So don’t be concerned for me, I’m just fine.

I am loving life as always and I have SO many people to thank for their efforts and hard work getting pwl shut down, I hope this is the light at the end of the tunnel and we can tell the story soon.




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What A Difference A Day Makes

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11 Responses

  1. Funny. I found out my name was on the AIM download. So, I posted on the PWL forum yesterday, “You posted my name and industry name? What did I ever do to you?” Now, I guess I’ll never know the answer.

  2. Please bitch! Only thing nailed is YOU Tara AkiLOSER. You are nailed to the wall. You’re busted. You are sloppy and a sell out. Your career is done. Stick a fucking fork in it already. Let me guess, you’ll blame Monica for posting this. What else is new? She’s your scapegoat and we all know why now. So just so you know, it’s not her and she’s not the only one in this industry that strongly dislikes you……

  3. I just tried going on PWL and my browser couldn’t display the page at all. Didn’t redirect or anything. Fingers crossed it’s gone for good.

  4. Anyone, are they under the same site name or did they have to obtain a different web address? I don’t have the balls to actually go onto PWL because knowing Doinkey he has viruses on it.

  5. Don’t worry Monica, she won’t be doing a lot of nailing in Georgia. I don’t even think they have the right residence city, Mike hasn’t ever posted about living in Doraville. His actual residence city is on here but I will not post it here and make Akinloser’s task any easier for her.

  6. I was just about to say to Mike glad he had a great time and lo and behold, here comes “spooky” ruining a good day talking shit. She is always ruining a good day playing wheres fucking waldo everywhere. Scram bitch, always tryna be some kind of attention whore. She acts like her words ever get heard anyways. Only Donny “The Poopster” Long listens to her.

  7. ma991e Oh and you will never come down. Now hes tryna blame it all on Mike as to why everyone is staying on but no one ever came down anyways before thay unless they did humiliating acts…so forget it and it aint Mikes fault. He is a dick and thats all to it. Dont worry hes going down.

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