Welcome To The Flamingo Showclub


Since I took over as General Manager on Friday Aug 5th I have learned an awful lot about strip clubs.  I have never been a big fan of hanging out in strip clubs, but I do understand management techniques, working with people and strippers, so I knew I could do it.

In the going on three weeks I have been here our business has increased by an order of magnitude and we only lost money on one day (Monday the 8th) since then it has rapidly increased and shows no sign of letting up.  I welcome anyone in the area (Dayton, OH) to drop in and say hello, dropping my name at the door will get you free admission.  It’s a fun, couples friendly strip club with no pretense.  We encourage everyone here, customers, dancers,  bartenders, waitresses to have fun because that’s what we are all about!

The lesser club down the street sends a manager or DJ (Hello D J Hairspray) to ride through the parking lot every night at 11PM to do a car count.  We decided to make it easier for them, we are getting a white board to hang outside on one of the columns on the entrance that we will write the car count on every night at 11.

The owner of that club is a guy named Kevin, hereinafter referred to as “White Devil”.

It’s fun to have a fun relationship with the competition as well!



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Welcome To The Flamingo Showclub

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  1. “In the going on three weeks” LOL Carful, don’t want to see you being quoted in the “Shit Strippers Say” category.

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