Time To Get Low Brow

That low brow post got me to thinkin I miss my friends in Dayton, so I’m leaving in the morning gonna ride up on the bike, enjoy the fall foliage and weather and see all my low brow friends.

Besides I need some new stripper quotes.

I will leave you with this observation from a porn chick I have been talking to a lot.

She is talking about a company owner who has done alright for himself but continues to support the theft of content.

She said

“Those people have fucked up teeth, they need to quit buying cars and get their fucking teeth fixed.”

I was in tears.

I f you have a Bentley and are generally considered to be a douche bag she is probably talking about you…

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Time To Get Low Brow

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5 Responses

  1. I didn’t know that Jules Jordan could afford a Bentley. I bet he is in debt up to his ears paying for that thing — they cost more than a house! No wonder he supports theft — that is the only way he can afford his toys!!! I personally will keep my 96 Caravan rather than support content thieves!

  2. Oh, Bob, you know it’s been warm and balmy here in the North. Don’t try to fool South with all your cold weather nonsense!

  3. I don’t know about Dayton, but Ludington, MI was about 22 degrees last night. Considering Dayton is about 250 miles SE of here, I would believe that it was only in the upper 20’s there.

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