The Times They Are A-Changin

In the month of January, for the first time ever, sales of E-Books were higher than sales of print editions.

To many of you in Porn Valley, you just yawned, because you can’t read.  I know I’m not offending any of my readers here by virtue of the fact that if you can read that, you can read so obviously I ain’t talkin about you.

In the ebook reader world the kindle is the 800 lb gorilla.  if you have an android phone or tablet you can even get a free kindle reader app, I presume there is one for the iphone or ipad as well.

If you have one and you never want to miss anything I write, why not subscribe…it’s way cheaper than the L.A. Times and at least as accurate and for sure more entertaining.  Not to mention the proceeds will put gas in my boat so that I may fish. At 99 cents a month it’s way cheaper than any porn chicks wish list on Amazon.

Since June of 2009, is the only adult industry blog available on Amazon for subscription.

If the image at the upper left has no meaning to you, you can click the link below instead.

48090cookie-checkThe Times They Are A-Changin

The Times They Are A-Changin

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