The Suches Loop

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new bike and when my buddy Frank called and suggested we ride today, he didn’t have to ask twice. The weather is cooling here and it was a picture perfect day for a ride so we headed up to Dahlonega and rode “The Suches Loop” It’s a picturesque ride through the North Georgia Mountains, with lots of elevation changes and lots and lots of curves, including hairpin or switchbacks. It’s mostly through national forest areas that are uninhabited and I really wish I had taken a camera with me.

We plan to do Deals Gap (The Dragons Tail) soon and I expect this was a good warm up for that ride. It’s challenging and very scenic.

Im even considering a scenic route to Dayton, there seem to be a lot of scenic and challenging rides from North Georgia all the way through Tennessee and Kentucky right to Ohio.

I haven’t even thought much about porn lately and that’s a good thing, I have needed a bit of a break.

Don’t worry though if anyone does anything retarded I will make fun of them….Next time I will get pics.

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The Suches Loop

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  1. I hope you enjoy your vacation from porn and that you come back and make a scene with Lindsey Lovehands and some other hot chick from Georgia soon. Maybe you can even do something with Raven (the one pictured on your home page, I am sure there are more than one Raven with the influx of girls lately).

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