The State of the South

Ya I know I have been a little slack this week.   I have been back and forth for MRIs and seeing doctors plus the holidays and all that mess.

The big news, for me anyway is the MRI on my knee, Its a complication from the broken leg and it has taken me two years fighting with Ohio workers comp to even get it approved as a diagnostic measure, the court finally ordered them to do so.

So I got the MRI and the results are Grade 3 Chondromalcia in both the PatelloFemoral and the Medial Compartments….Whatever all that means.  The orthopedic surgeon say eventually it means surgery….I’m putting that off for as long as possible though.

There are some idiots out there that seem to think this has left me crippled and decrepit,  that’s just wishful thinking combined with Dumbass on their parts.  I get around just fine and I work out at Planet fitness 3 days a week, I’m at 6’1″ 210 lbs on my way to 200 even.  I have some pain from time to time particularly after offshore fishing and such but a couple of Vicodin and I’m fine.

This is usually a very quiet week in porn anyway but since my life is kinda all over my blog I figured I’d bring everyone up to date….I ain’t going anyplace anytime soon.

Love You Long Time




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The State of the South

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  1. I am glad you are still getting around OK considering. Too bad you had to fight workman’s comp for a lousy $1000 MRI. Having an injured back myself (and not having had surgery on it — yet, choosing to take morphine instead for the pain — and since I injured it in stages outside of work I don’t have to deal with workman’s comp), my retired father having a really bad knee that needs replacement (he is waiting as long as he can as well) and having another relative that had to take off almost a year of work to have two knees replaced in Oklahoma I would concur that you want to wait as long as you can before replacing the knee. My relative had to do a lot of painful physical therapy and took morphine for the pain for that year he was recovering (six months for each knee). I understand when you have a knee replaced you essentially have to learn how to walk all over again. I hope your knee holds out so you don’t have to go through what my relative did, that is for sure — especially if a couple of Vicodin take care of the pain.

    One more thing — you can get a pill with double the active ingredient in Vicodin and less liver damaging Tylenol. It is called Norco 10/325. The doctor can prescribe up to 12 a day short term and 8 long term but at least in Michigan after you need more than 6 a day most pain docs like to go up a step to morphine or Oxycontin as taking pills more than every 4-6 hours is considered asinine by most docs. I take an extended release form of morphine called MS Contin — 30mg three times a day. MS Contin comes in 15, 30, 60, 100 and 200mg tablets and are taken every 8 hours. After accounting for incomplete cross-tolerance usually 15mg every eight hours is about as effective as six Norco 10/325 tablets a day and the morphine can be increased to a larger dose pill (still every eight hours) as needed with your pain doc’s consent. For breakthrough pain you would likely either be prescribed the Norco 10/325 or Percocet 10/325 (slightly stronger than Norco/Vicodin on a milligram by milligram basis). The 10 is the active ingredient (Norco/Vicodin’s active is hydrocodone, Percocet’s is oxycodone). Oxycodone is also available in a form without any Tylenol (IIRC) under the brand Roxicodone. Dilaudid is also an option for breakthrough, it comes in 2, 4 and 8mg tablets.

  2. Glad you were able to get a definitive answer, sorry it took so long. It’s also good to hear that it isn’t a problem that stops you from doing what you like to do. Also nice that docs now have that wonderful MRI to guide them in proper treatment going forward. Good luck!

  3. Thanks guys…and mharris I already take the 7.5/325 hydrocodone I actually asked the doc for that…so all good and truth is I dont use it except for breakthrough pain….usually after fishing or motorcycle riding all day stuff like that maybe I take 2 over the course of a single day once a week or so….so I think I can put off any surgery for a while

  4. The idiots thinking you were crippled and decrepit just gave me an idea. Why not have someone videotape your fitness routine and send a copy to the Kazoo (Rob Black) along with some Valium. Send a second tape to the last bastion of senility William Margold along with some Aracept (Alzheimers medicine). Maybe send them tapes of you fishing out at sea as well. That should be enough proof that you are still a force in adult to be reckoned with and that you aren’t in a wheelchair.

  5. I actually go three times a week to the gym sun, tues and thurs. I do 15 mins on a crosstrainer, 15 mins on an elliptical and 15 mins on a stationary bike then i do 500 crunches in sets of 25 every other set is done with 90 lbs behind my head. it has certainly made a difference and the very low impact of the cardio does help the knee quite a bit….long as I keep up with it I can hopefully put off any surgery for a while

  6. Oh and id love to see how those loud mouths fare on a boat in 4 to 6 foot seas from daylight til dark…in FL in aug. no a/c very little shade…..

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