The Best Thing Avout Blu-Ray

The best thing about Blu-Ray is that it is inspiring me to watch some movies that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Last night it was “The Last Waltz” Martin Scorsese’s Documentary on the final tour of The Band.

Scorsese has made some amazingly good movies, like “Taxi Driver”, “Good Fellas”, “The Departed” but his real talent is not when he tells a story but when he lets a story tell itself. His rock and roll documentaries all exemplify what is truly talented film making.

Check out “The Last Waltz”, “No Direction Home”, or “Shine A Light” and see what I mean.

24990cookie-checkThe Best Thing Avout Blu-Ray

The Best Thing Avout Blu-Ray

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  1. Mike, you are singing my song. I watched both the Last Waltz and Shine a Light last weekend. Whether your a fan of The Band or the Stones, no other concert film comes close to mixing the music and the music makers. And, Dylan is such a personal enigma – he has always been about his music and not the person behind the music. That film just brings him alive. Likewise, you should listen to his Sunday morning radio show on XM.

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