Sorry Y’all Im In The Hospital Since Sunday.

I just got a laptop Here (thanks Frank!) I will update more tonight. short of it is i had a wreck on my bike Sunday and broke my shoulder, my collar bone and all my ribs on the left side. PS Idont have my phone, if you wish to reach me email [email protected]

120900cookie-checkSorry Y’all Im In The Hospital Since Sunday.

Sorry Y’all Im In The Hospital Since Sunday.

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  1. Shit, that is hard to hear. Hope you recover quickly but this sounds like a longer road. Stay safe!

  2. Yikes Mike! how’s the bike? 🙂

    This calls for the 24 pack vs standard eight pack of colored sharpies.

  3. Hope you get better soon. I think you have just reached that magic moment in every biker’s life where they realize that a cage convertible is way safer than the nicest bike… get patched up and get shopping for something with a little more protection!

  4. Get well! I’m very far away so i can’t materially help, but if you’re bored and no hot nurses while there i can offer epistolary exchange 😉

  5. Wow, what bad luck! I hope you heal soon and without further complications. Fortunately you are a strong person, you will get through this just like you did when you had spine surgery.

    Also, enjoy the cute nurses at the hospital. Maybe you can even convince a couple to perform for Southern Bukkake once you are healed up and can shoot again.

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