Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

Briana was a dancer at one of the more upscale clubs in Dayton, OH.  Not the one I was affiliated with, a different one. But It could have been mine.

I didn’t know Briana.

Like many of the dancers in Dayton she had a monkey on her back, Heroin.  Heroin is big in Dayton due to the fact that it’s a distribution point for the area and can be purchased cheaply.  Apparently Briana decided life wasn’t worth it and she left a suicide note, I don’t know what it said.

I do know that her mother didn’t attend her funeral.

Only two people did, two of her fellow dancers. They are taking up a collection at the club to have Briana cremated.

Sometimes the words simply do not exist.

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Sometimes There Just Aren’t Words

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  1. thank you for posting this. if you can save one person, now matter how hard, it was worth it. theres a lot of good people out there who are lost. i was lost at a time, not saying im found, but i was a lot further gone than i am not. thank you mike, keep up the good work.

  2. Fuck the worthless excuse for a mother and fuck everyone who turned their backs on this chick. Fuck even those two dancers who claimed they were her friends. If you see someone with a drug problem, don’t exploit or enable them!

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