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I just read “Doctor Rat” by William Kotzwinkle.  Brilliant! Everyone gets the Nazi references and all but for me the deeper meaning and commentary was on how we let government and the media usurp our freedom to the point that it becomes too late.  Everytime I read narrative by Doctor Rat I kept envisioning Sean Hannity.

Started The new Stephen King “Under The Dome”. So far it’s entertaining.

Read “Dispatches” by Michael Herr, all I can say about that one is WOW! It brought Viet Nam to life in a way I had never expected.Kind of a hardcore Apocalypse Now feel to it.

Porners are still in trouble, everyone thinks they know why but nobody is doing anything any different.  Imagine that.  At some point they will have parodied everything and will have to go back to plot lines involving pizza delivery guys.

I can’t go offshore fishing or diving, all my spots in the gulf are closed, thanks to BP and inept fisheries management.

I miss my friends in Dayton, I miss Thailand too, I need to go back there.

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Some Random Thoughts:

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