Some More Random Thailand Pics

Downtown Bangkok

The beach at Khao-Lak

Ocean near Phuket

Thailand has LOTS of beaches

These loggers were using this elephant to drag trees to where they were cutting them up.

This is how they fish in Thailand.  If you think you recognize that bay you probablydo, It’s “James Bond Island” out in Phang Nga Bay.  It’s where part of the movie “The Man With The Golden Gun” was filmed.  We had the whole island to ourselves.

Another view from James Bond Island

This was off my bungalow balcony in Kanchanaburi, It’s a jungle out there.

Monkeys on the pathway to the Temple Cave.  They are they are aggressive little bastards, they will try to snatch anything you are carrying.

Once in the temple cave Nang made a rather large donation to the temple, she was given a hand woven bracelet by the monk there and he blessed it.  nang then secured it to my wrist and said “For you, for good luck”  It hasn’t left my wrist, nor will it.  That was a special moment for me.

The Giraffes are curious…and hungry at an animal preserve.

And this is an asian toilet.  you remove your pants and squat over it, then you use the bucket to dip water and pour it in until eveything goes out….

There are so many beautiful places in Thailand you couldn’t see them all in a lifetime.

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Some More Random Thailand Pics

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