Root Canals and Kratom

Its been very quiet…good thing I guess I was in a dentists chair from 1130 this morning till 330 for the rest of my root canal. In all honesty I hate it but its all done now but the permanent crown. And for the record mharris no propofol…or anything else but the injections….The gave me hydrocodone to take home so I take that for a day then Im done with it I hate to admit it but it takes 15-20 milligrams to work on me prolly cuz of the osteoarthritis I have built some resistance and at that level it makes me happy to boot, but when Im done Im done. One thing I have done is to start using kratom instead of the hydrocodone for even moderate arthritis pain…It works amazingly well…exactly like 20 mg of hydrocodone but the drawback is it take 5-8 grams of quality kratom to get that level and the stuff tastes horrible but its legal and available without a scrip…thanks to my buddy in Thailand for the heads up on Kratom. If you would like to try it hit me up for a reputable dealer because thats VERY important.

From a pharmacology standpoint Kratonm is not an opiate its a tryptophan but it works as an opioid receptor agonist EXACTLY like hydrocodone does so it is VERY effective pain reliever its all natural (leaves of a tree), it doesnt show up on drug tests and everything I have read about says its safe for moderate use for pain, but it can be mildly addictive with withdrawals similar to mild opiate withdrawal, personally i cant imagine using it enough to get addicted…even encapsulated its nasty tasting and it takes a lot.
anyway thats where I am today rest assured if anything happens Im on it!

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Root Canals and Kratom

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  1. Glad that your root canal experience is all over with (hopefully). Not being put out for the procedure had to be hell on earth for you. At least when this is all done that particular tooth should be taken care of for quite a while.

    Also, congrats on being cited by mainstream press again. Most people go a lifetime without that honor, you got on MSNBC of all places. Other than getting on the big three networks or in the New York Times there isn’t anything bigger in US journalism.

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