Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago I got the desire for some sun and fresh air and just wanted to escape for a while. So I asked Goddess to update for me a couple of times and I retrofitted the scooter for a 35o mile road trip to Mexico Beach, FL.

It’s a cheap Chinese scooter and it’s a lot like fucking a fat girl…it’s a lot of fun but you don’t want people to see you doing it….well I decided I didnt care. I have partial paralysis in both my ankles due to the spinal surgery and I can’t operate the gears and the brake on a full sized motorcycle, so I do what I have to do. Admitted I would love to have a nice Burgman 650 but I wanted to make sure I was going to like riding a scoot before buying the Burgman, which is going to be out of my budget for a while anyway.

I got some pvc pipe and using existing holes I mounted it to the frame and secured the top with tie wraps. This held my 3 most used offshore fishing rods and reels. I packed 2 overnight bags with everything else I needed and took off on Tues afternoon around 4PM.

I rode, taking only back roads until I hit Eufaula, Alabama, where I spent the night, got up the next morning and rode the rest of the way to Mexico Beach. I cruised between 45 and 50 Mph. It was actually a fun ride and the little 150cc engine gave me no problems at all, it cost me 12.50 in gas for the whole 350 miles. That’s about 5 gallons.

Stayed with my friends Danny and Angel and next morning I hooked up with my brother and my dad and we headed out to fishing grounds.

The sea was rough early on so we stayed inshore and had fun catching and releasing some pretty good sized king mackeral.

When the weather calmed we headed on out and got some nice snapper and amberjacks

Second Day we had another great day offshore

Day 3 was too rough to go out so I hung out at the beach with Hunter and Lady H. Good seafood, good friends, good music It’s what life is all about, I highly recommend it.

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Road Trip

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  1. Wow! 150cc on a scooter. Most scooters are only 49cc so that they are not treated the same as a motorcycle legally. In Michigan 150cc is freeway-legal even (the minimum is 125cc for freeways here). Most scooters are limited to 35mph, yours cruising along at 50mph (it should be able to even go faster in a pinch) proves that you have the bigger motor in yours! Of course many traditional motorcycles have motors that are bigger, but they are likely harder to handle even without partial paralysis.

    Did you have that 150cc motor retrofitted to your bike or did it come that way from the dealer?

  2. Its a 150, it came that way. They also make 250s and the Suzuki Burgman is 400 or 650.

    anything over 50cc here is treated as a motorcycle you have to have a motorcycle endorsement on your license, it has to be tagged and insured.

    The 150cc engine is a Chinese knock off of the Honda GY6 engine….It’s well known for its dependability.

  3. Interesting. I will have to remember that next time I see a scooter on the highway. I bet that 400 or 650 cc Suzuki would be fun to ride at about 100 mph! I am also impressed with the fuel economy — your figures show you are approaching 70 miles per gallon! Most smaller (400cc or less) motorcycles get 55-60mpg on the highway, but I hadn’t heard of a freeway-legal bike getting 70mpg! Heck, most 49cc scooters only get 70-75mpg from what people that have them have said. It must be nice to fill up for $5 or so! The last time I filled up my truck it cost me almost $100.

  4. well I dont take it on the freeway and in reality it approaches 80 mpg sometimes more…I was rounding a bit gas is right at 3 bucks a gallon here for premium which it needs because of the high compression so it was really under 5 gallons.

    as for the burgman its a REALLY sweet ride, very well engineered, lifespan is well over 100K miles. and specially designed for a very low center of gravity, very smooth even at very high speeds.

    its on my wish list 😉

  5. Sounds like you have a really nice bike, Mike. Hopefully your current bike also gets 100K miles or more before it starts giving you trouble. It is a lot cheaper to run than a car, too bad it isn’t big enough for Lindsey Lovehands to ride on the back with you! That would make for some nice pictures (and once the ride is done she can give you a blow job).

  6. Dude, get a HOVEROUND. Those things go EVERYWHERE at about 5 mph! Hell, when I’m sitting at work every day, I can see fat Hoveround dude riding his to the Dollar General to pick up snacks, and back up the street and he doesn’t have to use his feet OR his ankles! Hoveround….you can’t beat ’em with a stick!

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