Regarding Jenny … She Is Such A Doll

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with AVN Award Nominated porn chick, Jenny Densuke and I have to say she is such a little doll.

She was very pleased to have met me and even asked me to pose for a few photos (she was star struck I think) they should be showing up on her blog soon.

She told me about her blog and when I went to read it I was astounded, she has a better vocabulary and writing skills than most of the porn chicks who claim to be writing books!  Her blog is way more interesting than screeds by Jeremy Steele about how HIV doesn’t really exist, she isn’t as funny as JimmyD was but she is miles more entertaining than your typical porn chick tweets.

So go check out my new friend Jenny, she is a real doll!

46850cookie-checkRegarding Jenny … She Is Such A Doll

Regarding Jenny … She Is Such A Doll

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