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OK South, me and my buddy were sitting in Moes in Dahlonega [Georgia] Monday at about 1 PM. We saw a guy and a blonde girl pull up on a motorcycle and stretch. I said it was you and Kayden Kross, my buddy said it was you but not Kayden Kross.

There is a six pack riding on this.

Enjoy your 6 pack, you won.  Make him buy you Sam  Adams….

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Reader Wants To Know

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  1. Mr. South and Kayden Kross cruising together through
    Georgia on Mr. South’s cycle machine?

    Hmmm??…there’s something about all of that that
    might begin to smell just a little bit fishy to
    certain people.

    ….and I sure hope that it isn’t the nearly new
    cushioned seat on Mr. South’s cycle machine.

    Mr. South…please please…details…please share
    some of the related details concerning your ride
    with the very lovely lady.

    Did Kayden wear leather?
    Did Mr. South wear a ball gag?
    Did Kayden have to hold on..*extra* tight?
    …just how wild and crazy did things get during
    that really fun sounding ride?

    I was thinking of adding on some sort of an Erik
    Everhard related joke to the end of this message..but
    I decided not to.
    (…even though I think that I might have done just that.)

  2. Oh good lord LOL

    Nothing fishy about it, Ms Kross and I have been friends for a long time.

    Kayden actually did wear leather….my leather Jacket, on top of hr hoodie jacket, which was on top of a long sleeve shirt, which was on top of a regular shirt, She wore jeans and tennis shoes and a do rag (she called it a dew rag much to my amusement and those on twitter) and of course a helmet and sunglasses

    No I did not wear a ball gag though I’d bet at times she wished I had….

    Its a touring bike and has handles for her to hold onto…I do tell some girls to hold onto the saddle horn, but not Kayden

    We rode a section in the North Georgia Appalachian Mountains called the Suches loop, in particular Wolf Pen Gap Road is the highlight. the high all day was about 60 and it was 50s in the elevations so while it didnt bother me, she did get a chill but she never bitched and for that I give her a lot of credit, thats a long ride for someone unaccustomed to riding.

    As for Erik he has no problem with our friendship, never has, something I give him credit for.

  3. Oh shucks. I would tell him to buy me a six pack of Crown Royal fifths. Of course I am a whiskey guy anyway but that costs much more than a six pack of Sam Adams.

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