One of Those Moments That We All Live For

About a week ago I spent the day shooting a brand new girl.  It was a long day, all told about 12 hours but we got a lot of work done including solo and sex scenes, seven total.

One of the things I like about NOT working in Porn Valley is the fresh female talent.  This girl is without a doubt pornstar hot, her body is as close to perfection as I have ever seen but unlike her Porn Valley counterparts she is bubbling with enthusiasm, for her it isn’t just a payday, it’s a chance to really be her inner slut.  When I tell her she can fake her orgasm if she needs to she gets indignant, as most of the girls I shoot do, they intend to have the real deal.  In their eyes they are getting cheated if they don’t.

This girl isnt a teen but she isn’t MILF material either, she is in that mid to late twenties range and totally comfortable as well as confident with her sexuality.


After shooting all day and into the night it’s getting rather late so we head out for a late bite. She has changed into street clothes and normal makeup.  After we sat down in the bar/eatery a guy comes up and says “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Lindsey Lohan?” She smiles and says “ya once or twice.”  As he leaves she says to me “I  get that all the time, I even have people ask me for my autograph sometimes because they think I’m her.”

On the way back, it’s drizzling rain, my friend Al is driving and he has the Sat radio on a hair band rock station. Lindsey quickly disrobes in the back seat of the Mercedez sports car and climbs to the front seat and into my lap.  She starts gyrating her nude and perfect body to Poison’s “Lay Your Body Down”.  She takes my hands and places them on her thighs.  I slide them up her perfect skin as she continues to gyrate to “And lay your body down on me, down on me, tonight.”

I’m not sure what exactly it was about it, but it was one of the most incredibly intense and erotic moments of my life. Maybe it was the throwback to high school days of sex in a car, I don’t know but her nude body in the passing lights combined with my hands softly and slowly roaming her flawless curves as she moved underneath them left me with a lump in my throat.  One of those moments, where nothing else in the world exists, and a sweet beginning to the end of the rest of the night.

One of those moments that we all live for.

26110cookie-checkOne of Those Moments That We All Live For

One of Those Moments That We All Live For

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8 Responses

  1. her name is lindsey lovehands

    (hey i didnt pick it)

    She is not interested in going to porn valley because they dont test for herpes so she has decided to do her own thing on the web.

    Im gonna post some more pics of her soon

    She is doing her first bukkake fri night too very uninhibited and totally fun. One of my all time favorite girls to work with.

  2. Beautiful and sexy young woman.
    I hope she does more bukkake parties. Visually she photographs as good as anyone I can think of.

    I’m sure she is even more sexy in person

  3. Lindsey is absolutely gorgeous Mike….but I’m guessin’ you knew that already. I can’t wait to see her bukkake pics! Hope she comes back for more on a date I can get to Atlanta.!!

  4. Lindsey is truly an amazing looking woman. When I see ladies like this it makes me regret that I left Georgia for grad school in the northeast! Can’t wait to get back to GA for beauties like Lindsey! Great work Mike!

  5. Man she is absolutely gorgeous mike. Hope she does more shoots and hope she stays around.

  6. Hey guys…it’s Lindsey…just wanted to say thank you for all the WONDERFUL and SWEET comments you have made. I also wanted to say to all those hard cocks that covered my face in cum last friday at the bukkake…THANK YOU and can’t wait to suck you all again real soon. Mike can tell all of you who weren’t there how much I LOVE HOT CUM all over me…yummy…it’s what makes the world go round don’t you think? BTW…a special “Bud Light” thank you to Jeff…he knows who he is…thanks for the 2 hot and heavy loads you gave me Friday night…you taste yummy Jeff !!

    I’ll be on from time too time to talk to all of you…much love to the Mike South “hard cock” nation!!

    xoxoxo Lindsey

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