OK Ya Wanted Pics Ya Got Pics

Cindi from lukeisback writes:


So sorry to hear what you have been thru Sweetie… I hope you have some hot girl around to make you soup etc… So are you still in Dayton? At least if you are up there I know that all the family up there can watch out for you. Keep me informed. And you should probably post a pic of your crooked smile, jump up your lesser site’s traffic. 😉
OK you asked for it you got it, thats me and Tim Case from last night, Felicia Fox took the photo and no there’s no faking thats me smiling big..LOL  I lifted the eye patch for ya even.
For those who have asked….10mg Of prednisone 6 times a day for 6 days then 50 for a day 40 for a day 30, 20,10 and I’m done
2400 mg of Acyclovir for 7 days
They say it most likely viral and that its a result of having had chicken Pox or the vaccine.  It can also be Herpes Simplex 1 (Thats colds sores) in the nerve…either way the prednisone, a corticosteroid relieves the swelling and the acyclovir runs off the virus.  I’m finally not getting worse so should turn the corner soon, I appreciate everyones thoughts and wishes, and Jeff Mulleen is right strippers are digging the eye patch….
I’m having a blast up here with my friends regardless.

43260cookie-checkOK Ya Wanted Pics Ya Got Pics

OK Ya Wanted Pics Ya Got Pics

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  1. @MikeSouth1226. Hey buddy how are you doing tonight? I love your pic and yall make such a great couple!! Are you ready for football on sat?

  2. I feel bad for you, Mike. That picture looks like you would even have trouble talking with that much paralysis on the right side of your face (the left side in the picture). Be sure to take some Zantac with that Prednisone, that drug causes stomach upset. The Acyclovir is what is used for Herpes breakouts as well as the Herpes II cold sores you mentioned. In fact, they may keep you on it to prevent future outbreaks if they do for Bell’s Palsy as they do for Herpes I and II. And no, just because Mike has Bell’s Palsy does not mean he has genital herpes — so ladies, have fun with him!

  3. Picture Captions in 15 seconds.
    Just say NO!
    Mike loves when I let him be the pirate.
    Hey check me out Timmy… I can wink.
    Damn it Timster, quite rubbing your long beautiful hair against my ear, it makes me feel funny.

  4. Frank yer a riot dude you do the best caption EVER Im still laughing.

    Mharris you are right it is difficult to speak but I am actually improving now its very slow but I can feel it. Its also hard to eat and drink believe me…

    There are 2 viruses known to cause Bells Palsy one and the most common is the one that causes cold sores Herpes Simplex 1, which about 90% of the population has, this isn’t venereal Herpes that’s Herpes Simplex 2.

    The other, oddly enough is the Chicken Pox Virus, it’s arguable that the vaccine works too but if you ever had chicken pox (and I did) you can get Bell’s Palsy. Stress also can induce it as can cold wind, just like they can trigger cold sores. I will post some more picsalong the recovery. Im in good spirits though….the Prednisone is prolly responsible for some of that.

  5. Get well soon Mr. South!

    Thank you for keeping all of us informed and updated
    about your situation.

    BTW…other than the Bell’s Palsy situation…how was the ride
    up to Ohio? Did you take the new bike?..and how long did the ride
    take you?

  6. Mike, you almost got that whole pirate “Yarrrr!” thing going on, I am sure the strippers are digging the eye patch too, that completes the look.

    Keep warm. You might want to consider parking the scooter for the cold months and driving a cage instead!

  7. I was deep in Nevada country for four days. Sorry for the absence. Get well soon Mike! Let me know if you need anything.

  8. BTW, how old is Tim’s & FF’s kid now? I’ve lost track of time, but I’m guessing old enough to kick your ass without breaking a sweat…or putting down the pacifier.

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