OK So I Been Busy….

Ya I know I been a might tardy with the updates the last few days, truth is I kinda took the weekend off. I didn’t go fishing but I did have fun.

Saturday I spent the day with Jada Stevens, she shot for me a week or so ago and I got her a little gig with a local magazine here and we shot some photos for that.  She is so devastatingly cute! Here’s a few of the shots we took, the cool thing about Jada is that her smile fits her personality perfectly she is every bit as cute and likeable as her smile implies.

I mean whats not to like…Is she adorable or what?

Well we became friends, I love fun, cute girls and apparently she likes assholes so we got along swimmingly. She likes the beach, wants to learn to shoot and fish and has fun whatever we are doing so I hope to spend more time with her.

Sunday me and my buddy Frank did about a 100+ mile ride on the scoots, his is a nice Harley Heritage Classic, mine is a Chinese scooter ( The spinal surgery left me unable to ride a bike with foot operated gears and brakes.) but I get the same sensation and I do enjoy it, I think one day I’m gonna spring for a Burgman 650 though so Frank won’t have to be embarrassed to ride with me….He still does, which is the mark of true friendship, to see us side by side me on a Chinese Scooter, him on that Heritage Classic has to be a rather amusing site…..I’m tryin to save up man really I am.

Ok hopefully I made up for my lack of posts with photos of a really pretty girl….Love ya Jada  yer the best baby!

And I will get right back to daily updates now.

36420cookie-checkOK So I Been Busy….

OK So I Been Busy….

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  1. i *try* to be measured in my comments but i must admit in addition to her cute face she has an absolutely BANGING BODY!

  2. Dude you aint kidding she does…..and is really a sweetheart, which is a treat. One of the few porn chicks/strippers that I really like spending time with…just a delight to be around.

  3. Cute girl! I am sorry to hear that your surgery left you unable to ride a traditional motorcycle, but look at the bright side: at least you can still walk and make porn!

  4. Hey mharris dont feel anything but happy for me dude…I’m lucky and I know it. loss of some ankle movement is nothing compared to what others have to deal with…and I live a charmed life…Im nothing but happy, even with somewhat limited mobility I do everything I always have, just some of it a little differently (like riding a scoot instead of a harley)….

    DB…what can I say man yer impressed but trust me, Im amazed…;)

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