Off to Dayton To Poke Some Peelers

Leaving for Dayton Wednesday so updates will be from there

If yer in the area and wanna hang I will be at Flamingo Showclub on N Dixie Hwy wed-sat

Come on in and say hello, I might even get ya laid…..

38900cookie-checkOff to Dayton To Poke Some Peelers

Off to Dayton To Poke Some Peelers

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  1. “I might even get ya laid…..” Maybe I should explain what that means. In Dayton Ohio, the comment “I might even get ya laid” means this… Anyone can get laid in Dayton Ohio, but if you pass out drunk on top of a naked woman with an erection before you can finish the job, as a good friend I’ll come up and grab you by the belt and push you up and down a few times so you can actually say you fucked the girl when you wake up hung over the next morning.

    That is the only time the expression ” I might even get ya laid” is even necessary in Dayton. God’s honest truth!

  2. Can you really get me laid.. I could be there by Thursday…LOL I am in Wellington visiting some mutual friends of ours..

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