Odds N Ends On Fathers Day

Hope all you dads out there had a great fathers day!

For me the first thing I thought of is that it was a year ago that I had the motorcycle accident and I am still not fully recovered, probably never will be.  Funny thing about PTSD is that I used to think it was just so much nonsense, of course now I know better.

In hindsight though I don’t complain, my life has been wonderful, in that I am able to do the things I want, when I want, I have a wonderful and supportive family and friends and while I am far from rich I live comfortably, I own my home, I fish I pursue my interests including riding my motorcycle.  I always knew in the back of my mind that eventually the day comes when you have an accident but you never strap on your helmet and think today will be the day….and then one day it is.

All in all though it is worth it, and I still ride because I love the feeling, the freedom and being outside.  I am lucky in that both my Parents are still alive, my grandparents all lived well into their 90s so longevity seems to run in my family, which is both a blessing (In that I got to know and understand my grandparents) and a curse (in that the arthritis I have from all the broken bones is gonna be with me for a LONG time).  but still, I am happy and I love my family and my friends and in the end what more is there to ask for in life.

Be thankful for what y’all have if there is one thing I would pass on to you it would be to enjoy your life, don’t spend too much time at work, take time and enjoy your friends. families and the world around you, it really is amazing.  I am not a religious person but When I need  to relax I find that Gods music works really well and by that I mean the songs of birds, wind through the trees, children playing, rain on a summer day hitting a tin roof….I probably don’t believe in the same God that you do but when I need to feel spiritual or close to mine its outdoors for me, specially in the middle of the ocean.

Anyhoo enough of this  Thank you guys all for allowing me to be a part of your lives via mikesouth.com, I hope that in some way I have given as much back as I have gotten

Love You guys!

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Odds N Ends On Fathers Day

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  1. Such a nice post, glad to hear a life update and that your still living the dream, more or less. I love nature too, always good to take a break from life and just go walk in nature and hear the sounds of birds and wildlife. I think that nature just puts everything back into perspective. Life can be brutal and shitty, but hey there’s still nice parks and nature trails and we haven’t killed off most of the wild life (yet). Hope you and every one else had a great fathers day, grill one for your favorite veteran and buy em a beer. Especially if they came from the recent wars, and if they lost a limb and/became disabled because of it.

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