Odds N Ends From Sunny Florida

I decided to take off yesterday and head to the beach a day earlier than planned so I called my friend Katrina and she was game so off we went.  Im even writing this from a balcony overlooking the beach…its a tad cool here but a lot warmer than the 20 degree temps I left in Atlanta.

If any of yall happen to be in Mexico Beach/Port St Joe FL area Saturday for the annual Gumbo Festival in Mexico Beach thats where I will be so shoot me an email and lets a beer and some gumbo!

As to Mike Kulich most of the responses to what he is doing were positive and I am glad of that having lost a brother to Leukemia when I was 13 (he was 10) I know first hand how it impacts the entire family so kudos to Mike and to everyone he inspired to donate. Lets not e so critical that we lose track of how painful it is for the children with these diseases to the parents and the siblings.


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Odds N Ends From Sunny Florida

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  1. Enjoy Florida, Mike. I wish I was lying on a beach front balcony in the same hotel as you right now rather than wondering how stratospheric my heat bill will be this month and what else will freeze and break from the cold (so far since this cold started in late January my plumbing froze up, clogged up, backed up into my home’s main bathroom and required a new toilet, flooring and even the plywood under the flooring had to be replaced — we are finishing the bathtub right now, that cost well over $1K and that is doing some of the work ourselves, luckily we have a second bathroom and I have relatives nearby where I was able to shower and use the toilet until we got the plumbing unclogged and thawed, fortunately we caught this latest -20 F weather quick enough to keep water running and flushing the toilets often to keep the plumbing from freezing up a second time). It was -28 F here in northern Michigan (lower peninsula) when I went to bed last night. A bit further north it got as low as -39 F! The weather here reminds me of Nunavut, Canada (where the North Pole is located), temps routinely drop into the -30’s F there this time of year — but that much cold here (anywhere in the lower 48, actually) is fucking ridiculous! It was -11 F as far south as Lexington, KY for fuck’s sake. I know how to deal with this weather because I have lived in it but since we seldom get below 0 F in most of the lower 48 I suspect a lot of people are shocked and maybe even getting frostbitten from not being prepared for this almost unprecented weather.

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