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I got an email from a high up at AT&T telling me the next time I have an outage that lasts more than an hour to call him, he gave me his personal number…interesting, nice to have though if I stay with At&T, I have been waiting patiently for google fiber, I have seen the trucks all over my hood for the last year and a half but it still isnt available yet….man what I wouldn’t give for that kind of upload speed!

When I got up this morning I flipped on the TV as I usually do and started my day with the news. later I flipped around and stopped on “The View”, something I NEVER do, they were having a Donald/Melanie Trump hatefest.  I did notice that there are a couple of very intelligent people on there, but everytime they try to say something intelligent they get shouted down by a ginger harpie named Joy Bezoar or something and Whoopie (why DID she name herself after her farts?…seriously she did…turns out she routinely farts during taping of “The View” I am unsure how they discern what is gas and what is her actual thought.)  Anyway, I can’t help but think that this kind of programming actually sets women back by years…the more an intelligent one tries to speak in a reasonable tone the more the two less intelligent ones shout and talk over the top of her, thats a damn shame, the two on the right hand side (one is an attorney I think) certainly seemed to be trying to insert reason and thought into what is otherwise just a cacaphony of noise, I couldn’t take it anymore and changed the channel.

It has been over a year since I have been offshore fishing and it is making me cranky.

Books I am reading: Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers

TV Shows I currently Watch: Black Sails, Roadies, Frontline, Nova, Mr Robot, The Americans, Silicon Valley

Recent Movies I liked: Zootopia, (The DMV workers had me in stitches) there havent been any others, good movies seem to be a rarity these days, everything is a remake or a comic book turned into a movie

I have no idea how this column devolved into this…enough LOL



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Odds N Ends

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2 Responses

  1. Ah the View…. there is a certain type that like it I suppose. It has been around forever.

    Most intelligent and successful women I have ever known find it a circus and nothing more than a joke. I believe you are right it actually sets women back even though they try to package it as some empowering show.

    I have never watched it directly; but you know, over the years, we see clips in news stories here and there. I was always quite appalled with how they treat one another, and how they seem to have such dogmatic agendas that nobody actually learns or grows because they can not listen to anything other than their own narrative.

    I doubt people learn much from that show.

  2. I rarely watch daytime TV, but once in awhile I’d see a promo during an evening program that someone was going to be on that I wanted to see. It’s been a number of years since I deliberately watched it. I’ve caught a few minutes here and there passing through the den on the way to the kitchen and the TV was left on after the roomie watched the morning news. Scary stuff.

    Things have changed considerably with Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck both gone. There’s no one to keep control or offer a different perspective.

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