No I’m Not Dead


I have been busy doing an episode of “Bar Rescue” Mike South style so I have been doing long days.  In at 11AM out at 330AM.  But we have turned the corner and it is requiring a bit less of my time now.

It’s been fun, no doubt and we have the club back in shape and jumping.  Its very gratifying for me when customers and employees are telling me how much better it is and now I have to stay in Dayton LOL.

I haven’t Forgotten y’all though and I am sure some in porn are disappointed that I’m not hanging up my blog.

No such luck FSC/Steve Hirsch/XBiz etc.

more updates this week I promise.

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No I’m Not Dead

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3 Responses

  1. Dude WTF..I called you earlier today and you didnt beginning to think you may like the company of hot naked strippers more then you like talking to me on the phone..i may have to update your wiki…lol

  2. Okay, Okay, So you’re having a blast in Dayton. But I’m warning you. You better make it back down south soon, or I’m turning Hunter loose with a bottle of Crown and a cell phone. With only YOUR number programmed into it! Seriously, don’t make us go to MB without you! :o)

  3. Lady H, I bet Mike will go to Manitoba with you — in January when it is fifty below there (he will be having fun in Dayton until then, I am guessing). I hear Thompson, MB is a great place to ride a snowmobile that time of year. Seriously, don’t turn him loose with that bottle of whiskey — only bad things could come of that! I haven’t had too many good experiences with a person drinking a bottle of 80 proof unless it was me (and I am still paying for my drinking five years later). 🙂

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