No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Boy where to start on this one.

I had a girl come to me wanting to shoot about a month back, I interviewed her, she seemed pretty normal, didnt do drugs was lucid, bright and pretty, I will call her Jenny for this story.

I shot her in a simple scene that wasn’t even full boy/girl and another girl girl scene.

We became friends, I usually am friends with my models but we got closer. She even went to the beach with me a few weeks ago, we spent a lot of time together.  She was on the rebound from a relationship and I was cool with her talking about it and helping her get over it.  I liked her, she  was fun and very sweet.

This morning she text messaged me that she wasnt coming over today because she had “slashed her wrists with a razor blade”.

I took it seriously because she has had mental and drug issues in the past ( I found out much later after I had shot her but she seemed to have it all behind her.)  But I knew this had to be taken seriously.  I couldn’t get to her because she was almost an hour away so after several more attempts to call her and a text where she said no she isnt alright I called 911 and gave her address to them and told them what happened.

I waited about 15 mins and called back and the police answered her phone and said they were taing her to the local hospital.

I went to my Dr appointment and then to the hospital where they told me she wasnt there, so I called back the cops and asked and they said yes they had taken her there and for me to meet officer Smith (not his real name)  in the Emergency room. I did and it didn’t take long to figure out something was up.

They wanted my ID and lots of info on me which at first seemed reasonable, I did place the 911 call.

but they asked more questions related to my business and our personal relationship, They asked me had she ever told me not to contact her.  Obviously she hadn’t, obvious to me anyway.

But apparently she told them that she had and that I was stalking her.  I showed him the recent text messages that indicated nothing of the sort including the ones where she said she had slit her wrists.

He asked some other stuff and then he told me that she had told them that she worked for me and that i forced her into porn and wouldn’t let her out.

Im Thinking WHAT?  She had shot for several other sites and I had held back on shooting her after learning of the past drug and emotional issues.  I even cancelled a couple of times for lame reasons.

This is a girl who just yesterday told me she loved me.

It made no sense except maybe she was mad at me for sending the cops or maybe this is the cover story for the parents…regardless it’s a damn shame and a pretty shitty thing to do when all I had done was try to be a decent friend.

Some days I really don’t get people.

25600cookie-checkNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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6 Responses

  1. I suppose if you see my acts as somehow bad…maybe

    I try very hard to weed out the emotionally unstable types but I missed this one, then I avoided shooting her and tried to be a friend and this is where it got me….

  2. most *mental* issues aren’t curable. their symptoms are only manageable if they’re following their medication and stress-free(impossible). Her behavior makes perfect sense.

  3. I agree actually thats why I wont shoot them if I know … oddly it wasnt the porn that made her attempt to kill herself it was the ex boyfriend.

    But had I known beforehand I’d never have shot her even though she had shot twice before with others….can’t catch em all I guess

  4. and youd be right DB said she would never do that, that the police lied to me….which I know they did this cop was little more than a cab driver with a gun, but he didnt just think that up…he wasnt that smart.

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