More Photos from Thailand

Auyuthaya, the second capital of Thailand, (way before we were discovered) These are the ruins, The Burmese army came in and razed it.

The Bridge Over the River Kwai In Kanchanaburi.  The way they say it is square without the “s” the way we say it it mena Bridge over the, river water buffalo, a source of amusement to the Thai.

Getting a massage at the beach in Khao-Lak 60 minutes will set you back less than ten dollars including a nice tip.

I got blessed in a Buddhist Temple

Notice Anything about the Buhhda here?

How about this one?

They all Prominently display what has become known as a Swastika. Long before Hitler bastardized it the swastika had meaning in Buddhism.

In Buddhism, the swastika signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha’s footprints and the Buddha’s heart. The swastika is said to contain the whole mind of the Buddha and can often be found imprinted on the chest, feet or palms of Buddha images. It is also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha.

One of the “Longneck People” The rings do not lengthen the neck, they push the collarbone down.

Now that’s gettin pretty damn close.

Durian, the king of fruits, known for it’s foul smell it is outlawed in many hotels and on public transportation. I tried it, tasted like avocado to me, not unpleasant.

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More Photos from Thailand

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  1. Awesome pics Mike…Gives me that wandering urge again…

    I wonder though which was the more spiritual experience, the “blessing” you got in the temple … or the one you got later on in you hotel room!

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