Marrying Kayden Kross

Ok most of you figured it out, it was an April Fool thing Cindi asked me to do, Kayden and I both played along.

But lets cut to reality a moment. If you are looking for something funny, skip down two columns.

I have known Kayden almost two years now, seems a lot longer but we never even met in person until less than a year ago. The second year working with Kayden is when it all changed.

She was under great stress, she was scared and she needed someone and I was there. Our relationship changed, a lot.  It became intensely personal, in the act of helping her I opened myself up as well, vulnerability in someone you care about has that effect. I know her fears, she knows mine and she has been there for me as well.

I have come to know her as both a very personal friend, family even and as a human being.  I have had to bite my tongue many times when I wanted so badly to come to her defense. I know her, I know how bad it hurts her inside to read horrible things about herself that she wants desperately to refute and defend herself, but she simply can’t. I know who she really is that is why I stand by her steadfastly, and I know how privileged that makes me. She is highly intelligent, funny, exuberant and fearless, and obviously pretty, and when you combine it all she really is beautiful.

I know my role in Kayden’s life and I don’t think it will ever be that of husband even though I love her more than I have ever loved anyone on this earth outside my family, Tim Case and Felicia Fox. She is dead even with them. Truth be known I’d consider Kayden to be a perfect wife and a wonderful mother.

Kayden, I really do hope you get everything in life you dream of, you have made a positive difference in my life and I know that you will continue to do so and I am not ashamed to tell  this to the world.

I really do love you, that was no April Fool.

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Marrying Kayden Kross

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4 Responses

  1. If that porn whore can’t even say thank you for that you need to drop her like a bad habit.

  2. Yeah sorry I was off being a porn whore today. Thank you Mike, you’re one of the best people I know and my favorite person to talk to.

    And to start a new discussion I do wonder about the people who are savvy enough about the industry to know about and read this site, and take the time to comment safely and anonymously, but still look down on the porn whores.

  3. Dear Mike,

    Although I’ve never posted publicly (in fact, I had to register just to post this), I thought I would speak my mind on this topic. First off, the April Fools joke may have gotten me worse than anyone else (yeah, I’m still a little pissed). I was already planning what I would wear to the wedding. Some may think me gullible for that. But I think it’s more realistic than anything. You see, I didn’t pay much attention to the date of the “announcement”, I just read it and thought it was wonderful news! The reason I believed it so readily is because I KNOW you. It wouldn’t surprise me for ANY woman to want to snag you up and keep you for her own. You see, when I first met you, you were just a friend of my husband’s. I knew he admired and respected you and so did I simply because I trusted his judgement. However, over the past few years I’ve learned first-hand what an outstanding man you are. Besides being handsome (not to mention what you’re totin’ around in those Hot Chihuahua drawers you wear). You’re also intelligent, friendly to everyone you meet, and you wield a fierce sense of humor. BUT, all that is apparent in the first few minutes of meeting. The real qualities take years to discover and confirm. Honesty, integrity, and true compassion can be faked for a while by most any decent con artist (or longer by politicians). I’ve seen your true colors many times in the last few years. There’ve been several ladies we’ve directed your way for assistance, knowing there would be no strings, no “hidden costs”. You’ve treated them all with respect, kindness, and fairness. I’ve seen you give your time and expertise freely and gladly when there was no chance of gaining anything for yourself. Driving a 4 hour trip to do a photo shoot for a young lady who just wanted some nice glam shots (Sassy). Helping arrange gangbang and bukkake fantasies for ladies NOT shooting for any website (me included). And OMG, the hundreds of hours you’ve spent on the phone or IM schooling Hunter on video or technical issues. You want proof that I love you? I have a standing policy to hide Hunter’s phone after his third drink (you can thank me properly at our next get-together). Here’s the bottom line, Mike. If Hunter steps out line just once, I’d be camped out on your door step. Thanks for being such a great friend.

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Lady H.

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